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Microblading finish at home and painless, so are the new eyebrow pencils

Although the results that microblading offers are tempting, you may not dare to try it yet. The solution goes through the eyebrow pencils that create the same effect.

Reaching the dream eyebrows is getting a little easier. After the treatments to promote hair growth, after the eyebrow extensions or the permanent tattoo , came the microblading , a semi-permanent tattoo that achieved a perfect eyebrow for a couple of years.

After designing a tailored eyebrow for each face, the ink is introduced into the epidermis through small needles, which draw fine lines like hairs. Repeating this gesture all over the eyebrow, the microblading allows to cover the areas with bald spots and give the desired shape to the eyebrow , forgetting to have to make up with pencil, gel or shadow every day.

Straight and perfectly defined eyebrows. (Imaxtree)
The handicap of microblading, if you can call it that, is that as soon as we hear the words needle or blades, fear takes over. This technique arises as an alternative to micropigmentation , which is carried out in deeper layers. Microblading consists of depositing pigment in the basal layer of the epidermis, hence its duration is shorter and it is a semi-permanent makeup.

During the procedure, topical anesthesia is applied to the area and a small inflammation is suffered the following days, which may require antibiotics only in severe cases. So, even though it is a treatment that leaves spectacular results, rebuilding eyebrows, defining shapes, covering bald spots , etc., many people still do not dare to try it and the solution is to recreate the finish of the microblading with makeup.

It is then when the wonderful world of cosmetics gets down to work and creates eyebrow pencils that instead of being creamy and depositing a pigment that covers the skin and lasts only a few hours are ... What could we call them? Felt pens? Pens? Feathers? That what they deposit on the skin is ink, more liquid and of a more intense color than that of the usual eyebrow pencils.

The ink adheres to the skin, so that the color lasts in perfect condition for many more hours, managing to resist even water. This type of feathers allows, like micoblading, to trace little by little a brow with a more natural finish. By using liquid ink, a more precise stroke is achieved since the movement must be fast and straight, there is no time for the pulse to tremble , on the contrary, it should rather be applied as if it were a pulsation. Piii, piii, piii ...

On the one hand, there are the feathers that mimic the shape and use of the microblading needles quite accurately . These are pencils whose head is rigid and is divided into three tips with which the color is distributed, creating three hairs with each pass.

MAYBELLINE TATTOO BROW INK PEN (€ 11). It works like the feathers of the microblading thanks to its serrated tip and its ink lasts in place for up to 24 hours.

Kush Triple Brown Pen by Milk . Although it is not yet for sale in our country, its felt pen is one of the easiest to use. Its ink is made with sunflower oil and aloe vera to hydrate the skin, in addition to applying pigment.

The Eyebrow Pen by Essence (€ 2.99). It works the same as the previous ones and is available in four highly pigmented shades.

L'ORÉAL PARIS BROW ARTIST MICRO TATTOO (from € 5.50). Thanks to its thinner and more separated tines, it achieves an almost profiler finish. Its duration on the skin is also 24 hours.

The other way to recreate the finish of a microblading is with the ink brushes. Through a precise and very fine brush - as if we were painting with a Pilot or were going to make the most professional eyeliner in the world - the ink is deposited on the skin, drawing hair by hair. For this type of eyebrow pencil, you need a little more pulse and control than with the previous tool. You have to control the amount of ink and apply it very quickly and superficially, nothing to squeeze.

Eyebrow pens or pencils for microblading.
Shape & Shade Brow Tint by MAC (€ 21). On the one hand, it is a feather that delineates hair to hair with great precision and a long duration, and on the other, it is a small sponge with which to blur the eyebrow to achieve a more natural finish.

Urban Decay's Brow Blade Ink Stain (€ 26.55) is also a dual tool. At one end is a traditional, waterproof eyebrow pencil. At the other end, a precise pen, very fine but easy to use, which allows you to deposit the exact amount of pigment and draw hair by hair with different shapes and thicknesses.

LIPOSOURCILS INK BY TALIKA (€ 20.55) is treatment and color, all in one. Its felt tip not only deposits color on the skin, but also applies a growth-stimulating serum and a regenerating treatment to strengthen and promote eyebrow growth .

Finally, getting perfect eyebrows without leaving home is possible and there is no chance of error , if you do not like the finish, clean and redesign your eyebrow..
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