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Are you going to cut your bangs? You should knew these five options with examples

The bangs were chosen by the majority when it came to cutting their hair in quarantine. So in this note, I take advantage and tell you which ones are used this season.
How to forget the video of the Korean girl who cuts her bangs and ends up tempted. Obviously the bangs he got were all he didn't want. It's just that we girls are honest: EVERYBODY KNOWS IT CAN BE VERY WRONG, BUT THEY ALSO DO IT.

That is why in this note I tell you what the trend fringes are so that in the best case they can fix it.

1: Curtain fringe

It is the one that Camila Cabello uses . It is the most versatile fringe, because it adapts to most faces and is perfect with any texture.
Personally, always when deciding whether I recommend it or not, I take into account if the person has natural eddies and if the fringe is going to fall naturally well, because the ideal of this fringe is not to comb it .

2: Jopo to the side

The teeniest of all, but also adds freshness and contour to any style. It softens and decorates any type of face and is easy to comb. 
I always recommend, to give a good contour, that there is short hair on both sides of the line so it visually balances. This is the most comfortable of all, because if you get tired in just three months, it becomes part of your mane again.

3: Parade fringe

It is the light bangs, the one that has movement, a little longer than normal. The one that the majority asks for. This is the one that will save you if you cut a lot of hair and you have to fix it. 
"Parading" means relieving, sharpening, so the idea, precisely, is to remove weight from that fringe that remains as a helmet, heavy. It is the most chosen in my room. It looks good in straight or curlers, it adds wave.

4: Straight

For those who have a lot of forehead, this is the one;  it also hides some feature that you do not like and, if your face is small, it helps you to widen it. 
Unless you have very dull hair this deserves that you comb it perfectly.

5: Extreme
The one with Úrsula C

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