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Being beautiful inside and out: five essentials of the week for models and actress

We arrived in mid-May in the middle of a de-escalation plan due to the coronavirus crisis. However, one more Friday we charge the batteries to continue feeling beautiful with our five essentials of the week.

A solidarity action

In times of pandemic, we have seen how beauty brands have focused on solidarity work and many of it continue. And it is that the Pierre Fabre group, continues to make donations to hospitals, nursing homes and pharmacies.

Thus, in Spain they have already distributed 190,000 units of Ducray hydroalcoholic gels and 10,400 units of products to calm, repair and protect irritations and eczema caused by the use of masks and continuous hand hygiene, such as Avène Thermal Spring Water, Cicalfate + the perfect combo for skin repair, A-Derma hand cream and Dexyane creams from Ducray.

According to  Jean Philippe Latapie, Director of Marketing & Communication at Pierre Fabre "It is a pride for Pierre Fabre to be able to support professionals who are working on the front line. Hospitals, nursing homes and pharmacies that carry out their work in extreme conditions. For This, we believe that it is our responsibility, as a company and foundation, to act actively to improve their working conditions in these difficult times”.

An ally to play sports

During the de-escalation period we have been able to go back to the streets to play sports. Many of us have resumed our passion for running although, frankly, after so long at home it is getting complicated.


For this reason, we have looked for an ally for our prevention and recovery of muscle and ligament problems such as Kyrocream creams (21.65 euros). Thus, the original is a massage cream made with deep & fast technology and natural active ingredients such as arnica, hypericum and calendula , with a marked analgesic and anti-inflammatory action . A cream to apply before and after sport that helps increase the elasticity of muscles and ligaments, calms and hydrates the skin, and then promotes recovery and provides muscle well-beingafter physical exercise. 
But it is that they also have a Sport Hot version (18.04 euros) and Sport Ice (17 euros), being the first ideal for preparing muscles and ligaments for physical exercise and maintaining elasticity, while the second helps to recover and reduce fatigue after physical exercise. 
Kyrocream Sport Ice 120 ml - Muscle preparation and recovery for sports with cold effect - Arnica, hypericum and calendula natural ingredients.

The new Sephora website

All addicts to the world of makeup know that Sephora is like their own Disneyland, a place where all the objects of desire from our field accumulate. Well, this week we could not help bringing them up because they have renewed their website and, frankly, everything is cool and, in addition, they have news that will make it much easier for us to get hold of our makeup essentials. Thus, in addition to a better display on any device, a simpler search or more product information, among others, we also include the 'Beauty Expert Live Chat', a channel open to all doubts we have and that will help us to solve the specialists, guiding us in our purchases.

A treatment

Now that the beauty centers have reopened, it is time to get ready and treat the skin that has suffered a lot during this confinement, especially that of the hands and face, all with the aim of showing off hydrated, luminous skin , soft, with attenuated spots and released from stress.
Thus, after the application of acids adapted to the type of skin, an ATP mask and a serum cocktail are applied through the combination of ski lift massages and acupuncture; Next, we pass to a Red Led Light and a mask with Epidermal Growth Factor, while working the acupuncture points of the hands with 5 Crème Régénératrice de María Galland , which are wrapped in an osmotic film so that the product with beeswax, Hazelnut oil and soy phytosterols act. The duration is about 70 minutes and its price is 150 euros.

A product

Today I am going to recommend a body oil that anyone would fall in love with. This is  Carrot & Monoï from Soivre Cosmetics (9.30 euros) which is totally addictive. It is an oil with a light texture ideal to apply on wet skin after showering, which hydrates and nourishes, helping to enhance the tan (which for the moment in my case is going to be no, but I know that many of you have great terraces and gardens where you have sunbathed).

Unnamed 13: It is formulated with Carrot Oil, rich in carotenes, they stimulate the secretion of melanin, enhancing the tan and preserving it for a longer time, as well as with Monoï de Tahiti of quality Eco Cert®, which nourishes and keeps the skin hydrated, as well as Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant.

The best? Its long-lasting summer aroma and how it hydrates the skin. Now the one I have signed is his brother from Coco, the so-called Coconut & Monï (9.30 euros) that combines Coconut Oil and gardenia flower to provide intensive hydration.
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