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Best tips for calculating heel height according to your body for sessions

In long photo sessions or runways to know the height of the heels you should wear, you should measure the length of your foot, from the heel to the longest toe, and divide this figure by 7
In female photo sessions, they are usually seen as an essential garment: heels. Although not all wear them on a daily basis, most reserve a pair of high shoes for special occasions and professional photo shoots.

The heels stylize the figure, accentuate the curves and add centimeters to our height and, to a certain degree, comfort the resulting image itself and therefore self-esteem. However, abusing them badly can have negative health consequences: back pain, knees or hips, sprains and sprains of the ankle, bunions, calluses on the feet, ...

Experts warn that more than four centimeters in height threatens one's health. In fact, a wide shoe, that of stability and that does not exceed 4 centimeters in height, like the men's shoe would be the best option for any foot. The key is in which heel reverses the natural distribution of body weight on the feet. Podiatrist Jorge Barnes, president of the Andalusian Professional College of Podiatrists, explained that the human foot is designed to support 70% of body weight on the heel and 30% on the front.
Formulas according to the occasion

If you do not want to give up heels, but, at the same time, you are afraid of suffering any consequence of use, you must calculate what is the ideal height of heels according to your constitution.

To know the height of the heels you should wear, you must measure the length of your foot, from the heel to the longest toe, and divide this figure by 7. The result in centimeters will be the most comfortable for spending an intense photo session no discomfort in the feet.

The illustrious College of Podiatrists of the Valencian Community (ICOPCV) recommends the use of shoes with a wide heel and a maximum height of 3 centimeters because "they are the healthiest for the foot"

If you want to know which is the perfect measure for the heels you use, the operation is a bit more complicated. You will have to divide your height by the length of your leg and multiply by 10 to know the ideal height of your heels.

In case you like extreme heels, the following formula will help you know what is the maximum recommended height for your constitution. Measure the distance between the heel and the pad of our foot. As a general rule, this measurement ranges from 7 to 9 centimeters. Remember, according to experts this should be an exception and never the footwear for an extensive photo shoot.
Do not wear heels until the end of the growth of the foot.

The podiatry clinic of the University of Extremadura (UEx) has warned of the "dangers" of the use of high-heeled shoes, the use of which type of footwear women should avoid and even not use until the end of foot growth.

Wearing high-heeled shoes at very young ages is totally inadvisable because it can lead to long-term problems. In the words of podiatrist Jorge Barnes, "The maturity of the spine can be established from the age of 18 and the bad positions that are generated before these ages can bring problems later".

So if any photographer, or for your part, you want to do a session with high-heeled shoes, and it will last for a long time, rest well, try to pause by getting off your heels, because although it does not seem so, your body will resent you. Over time.

In this article we have talked about long sessions, imagine 8-hour catalog sessions for a large clothing brand or group like Inditex. That is, if your idea is to do a session for a short time you will have no problems, that is, remember that if you do not take care of your feet over time you will notice the effects.

On the internet you will find many tips for foot care, so we are not going to get into these topics, what we will advise you is that for a few days before the session do not load your feet or your back too much, take them as a means relax, do little physical activity, and wear comfortable shoes. Put your feet up whenever you can, to help the circulation and avoid possible problems due to the session.

When you finish the session that day, give your feet a good bath, and the next day dedicate it to them, put that cream that they like so much, and take it for rest and relaxation, stay at home watching a good movie, with them on high They surely deserve it for how well they did it..
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