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Deliplus, Nivea, Isdin are different sun cream with tan to get brown to summer

Bronzers with high sun protection allow us to take on a darker tone in less time while keeping our skin healthy.
After several weeks of not leaving the house and without receiving the sun's rays, our skin needs even more care . Summer is approaching and with the arrival of the first days of intense heat  , spots, rashes, redness and other injuries caused by solar radiation may appear . All this time it may have left us with a whiter skin tone and less color than usual. An interesting option to accelerate the tanning of our skin is to use sunscreen with sunscreen. 

The Research Group on Solar Radiation of the Polytechnic University of Valencia  published in Science of the Total Environmet  a study in which it recommends taking a maximum of 30 minutes a day in the sun in the month of July for people with skin type III (mixed, the usual in the Spanish population). In January, that same person could be up to 2 and a half hours each day without suffering burns, because ultraviolet rays are less intense.

We can tan and take care of our skin

Sunbathing is healthy to get the recommended daily doses of Vitamin D , but always with precautions. Because in reality, our skin protects itself from excess sun by manufacturing more melanin, and that is when it takes on that darker color. Therefore, if we want to tan the skin but at the same time protect it and keep it healthy , we must apply sunscreen with a bronzer

Sun protection absorbs or reflects the sun's rays on the skin, whether in the form of creams, sprays, lotions or any other formula. The sun protection factor (SPF) specifies its blocking capacity and ranges from 6 (black skin) to 50 (very light skin), passing through four intermediate types (dark, Mediterranean, mixed and light skin). For the usual mixed skin in Spain , the recommended sun protection factor ranges from 15 to 30 , although for prolonged sun exposures the protection should be increased to 50.

The sun resistance of the best sunscreens does not exceed 2 hours, so we must reapply frequently if we are receiving direct sunlight, especially if we are in the water. In addition, it is convenient to apply them half an hour before sun exposure and avoid the central hours of the day to prevent burns. Below we compare some of the sunscreen with sunscreen to take care of our skin.

Mercadona: protector 30, accelerates tanning
€ 6.50 / 200ml

Mercadona: sunscreen and tan accelerator

One of the best-selling sunscreen with sunscreen is this one from Deliplus, the white label from Mercadona. One of its successes lies in its price and the comfort of spray application. It has sun protection 30, Vitamin E and brings a brown tone to our skin after several applications. Some of Mercadona's sun creams are among the best on the market , according to the OCU report.
Piz Buin sunscreen 30, accelerates tanning
€ 9 / 100ml

Piz Buin, sunscreen and tan accelerator

It is a spray oil that accelerates tanning, with 30 protection against UVA and UVB rays. It contains m elitane , which activates and accelerates the natural tanning process by stimulating the production of melanin. The  Vitamin E helps protect the cells that damage the skin and slow aging. The  Illumitone enhances the natural tanning process and leaves no stains.

Check all the details to buy the Piz Buin protector.

Nivea Sun, protects and tans SPF 50
€ 10.99 / 200ml

This Nivea brand sun milk has the highest level of sun protection , factor 50, for very white skin, although it is also sold with lower protection. It is made with a lightweight, non-greasy, water-resistant formula that leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky. Contains Pro-Melanin extracts to stimulate tanning with immediate effect after application and does not leave spots on the skin.

Consult the details to buy Nivea Sun, protect and tan.

Australian Gold, Tanning Accelerator SPF 30
€ 13.50 / 200ml

This is the best-selling sunscreen with tan on Amazon , with 4.5 out of 5 stars among 1,5000 ratings. It offers a protection factor of 30 and protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays. Contains Australian Kakadu Plum Fruit which is rich in Vitamin C, Australian Tree Tea Oil, Sunflower Seed and Olive Oil. It is waterproof, has a good aroma, is not sticky and is absorbed by the skin in just a few seconds.

See details to buy the Australian Gold bronzer.

ISDIN HydroOil SPF 30 Sunscreen
€ 23.55 / 200ml

This oil in spray format offers high protection before UVA and UVB rays. Thanks to Pro-Melanin Technology, it enhances tanning by up to + 43% . It is waterproof and suitable for sensitive and atopic skin. It is moisturizing, immediate drying and with a very pleasant smell. According to the manufacturer, it provides "the skin with a more flexible and elastic, brighter appearance."

See details to buy the ISDIN HydroOil SPF 30.

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