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Do you have trouble concentrating? Find out what's behind the creative block

Managing emotions is key when facing our model work, finding new solutions to our problems.
When the state of alarm went off, we have witnessed hundreds of new cultural, leisure or business proposals that have been reinvented with the help of the Internet. We have seen social networks, funny videos, live festivals through our screens. There is someone who has started to write, to paint, others have composed songs and we have even witnessed the emergence of new groups and trends during this quarantine.

We are going to have to work with ourselves and with our emotions that we may have: such as fear, frustration, uncertainty, etc., with those emotions we may be more prone to creative blockade.

Reflections of an interviewed model: "I have tried to put aside the self-demand of having to be productive, even though the feeling of guilt comes and goes. I feel like my life is on pause. Sometimes I want to get it back, other times I am weighed down by uncertainty about not knowing what this new stage will be like for everyone and for the fashion sector I dedicate myself to, how it will affect the fashion world. Will there be more work or less? that's my fear, the best thing is to be sure of myself and positive, calm and wait for what happens".

The model the best thing to do with this break is to remain active on social networks and keep up to date with social networks with their photo work, etc. keep in contact with the people who work because this will make everything easier when the confinement is over and that it costs you less to return to model work and have more new jobs.

Stress, fear or worry raised to a high intensity can prevent us from developing our creativity and even affect our concentration. Quarantine can be an opportunity to discover new qualities of ourselves, and to ask if what we have right now is what we want and we are on the right path and more than now with this situation we have to find ourselves.
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