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Do you want to get a tattoo? Know all the types of tattoos that exist to let you choose one

The world of tattoos is very wide and we will teach you the different types of tattoos that exist and their main characteristics.
Tattoos are a form of expression that allows your imagination to fly, gives you a lot of creativity and, like everything, has classifications depending on your need. Some people simply decide to do something symbolic, while others prefer something aesthetic, be that as it may, not all have the same meaning, nor the same style. Below we will show you some of them.

Hyperrealism : As the name implies, it has a very real appearance, so how to identify it? It looks like a photograph. The skill of the tattoo artist has to be incredible and this technique is where needles are most used, since each one fulfills specific functions.

Outline: This is a trend inspired by the art of paper. It gets this name because it looks as if the tattoo is not finished, it just looks like an eraser.

Dotwork: It is one of the most modern techniques and also, more complicated to do, since it needs a lot of patience, talent and precision. They frequently use it for religious and spiritual reasons and preferably with a black or gray color.

Blackwork : Their main characteristic is that ink is used to cover the skin with black and they usually use complex geometric figures. This is a good option for a person who wants to cover up a tattoo that they did not like.

Watercolor : These designs seem made with a brush, rather than with a needle. Its main qualities are that they are colored and the way it is reflected in the skin. It tends to fade faster than other types of tattoos.

Irezumi : It is one of the ancient techniques and was related to the mafia in Japan. These are perfect if you want to cover a part of your body completely. It is made up of many details and colors and the curious thing about this type of tattoo is that it uses very strict rules, as well as what animals can mix with a type of flower.

Knowing the characteristics and style of each tattoo, you can make a firm decision on which one to get. The important thing is to have something that is specific to each one and remember that there are special tattooists for each type of engraving..
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