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Easy hairstyles to turn your short hair into the best ally of your wedding or guest look

It wedding day we propose comfortable and very flattering hairstyles and accessories.
It is customary for brides to boast a more or less long mane on their wedding day. Many girls grow their hair, hydrate it and apply treatments to make it more beautiful than ever, and play with its length to get special hairstyles , such as braids or wavy pigtails . However, there are also those who do not see themselves with an XL mane and prefer to keep their hair above the shoulders - or just below - also on the big day. For them, and for the guests who are in the same situation, we propose comfortable and very flattering hairstyles and accessories.

Loose and wavy
It is not always necessary to fill the hair with accessories to achieve a very special bridal look. Although more and more designers advise trying different types of veil to give greater coherence to the dress, it is true that depending on the type of garment and the personality of the bride, wearing this element is not always the best option. Sometimes the most elegant alternative is to show off a long XL mane in the wind or a mini cut, over the shoulder, full of marked waves like the one Rochelle Smith shows in the image. Simple, minimalist and very flattering.

Ballerina bun
Minimalism has become one of the favorite trends of brides, who are increasingly looking for more dresses free of excesses. That current also reaches the hair, where the pigtails without more decorations or the ballerina's bows are the favorites of the girls of 2020. Option, the latter, which should not be ruled out by those who boast of midi hair. It can be done low and slightly undone, as proposed by the firm Karen Willis Holmes, in the image.

Yes to the headband
First they became the preferred complement of the guests and now, several months later, they make the final leap for brides. Colored, made of special fabrics, decorated with pearls ... there are almost endless options that headbands present . So it is not surprising that more and more girls find in them the ideal complement for their big day . They are comfortable, very flattering, allow you to wear your hair loose or up and, best of all, they work with XL hairstyles as well as with cuts over the shoulder. Something that shows in the image Stephanie Hill.

Passion for the forks
It is not the first time that an element or accessory that triumphs in the Street Style jumps into the bridal world. It happened with the puffed sleeves and also with the bobby pins . This accessory that, until very recently, slipped into the manes of most influencers , also convinces brides to include a simple detail in their hairstyle. The best thing is that, if the mane is very short and placed on one side –as L'Aca aptly propose–, it is even possible to do without large jewels without fear of falling into a boring look.

The triumph of pearls
Until recently pearls have always had a negative connotation in the bridal world as they represented the bride's tears. However, designers and little superstitious girls have embraced this element that sneaks into all kinds of clothing and accessories . And yes, it also splashes hair. In one of her latest collections, Rodarte proposed to decorate short hairstyles and hairstyles with water waves with pearls. An alternative full of originality.

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