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Eight easy, practical and effective makeup tricks for models and actress

Get to perfect your makeup with these simple tricks.

Getting a healthy and beautiful look with makeup is easier than you think. Here are some tricks to get you there. Attentive!

Eight easy and effective makeup tricks

1. Apply the concealer in an inverted pyramid shape.
The makeup concealer is used to conceal the dark shadows and imperfections that may be concentrated in that area. If you apply it in the correct way that we explain below, you will highlight and beautify your look.

Choose a lighter shade than your skin first, not lighter because it will create a strange and unnatural effect on your skin. Apply it by tapping it with your ring finger and in an inverted pyramid shape, not in a half moon. Thus, in addition to covering the dark areas it will illuminate them.

2. Apply heat to an unpainted pencil for reuse

Do you have a black or other color pencil but you can't use it because it hardly paints? We have the solution. Heat the tip (a little) with a lighter, allow a few seconds to cool and check how it comes back to life.

Do not use it after applying heat because you can burn your skin. Put the pencil on a piece of paper and you will remove the melted layer from the eyeliner and you can apply it to your eye.

3. Use the swab for makeup mistakes

Hyssop or "cotton bud", as it is commonly known, serves a host of uses. Have you outlined your eyes but they are not well defined? Use one of these utensils, moisten it with your makeup remover or follow the natural line of the outline.

Often, when applying the mascara, we stain our upper eyelid with this product and all makeup is damaged. Take off your makeup to start over? It is not necessary. Use a cotton swab and gently remove the stained part.

4. Achieve bigger lashes by heating the curling iron with the hair dryer

It is already well known that using an eyelash curler you will be able to curl and lengthen the effect of the mascara, but if you also heat this device beforehand, you will intensify its effect. It is one thing to heat it up a bit with the dryer and another thing is for you to open the area and the eyelashes. Watch out!

5. Add drops of saline to your dry mascara

The mascara, like the rest of the makeup, has a certain duration, approximately three months. From the moment you open it, it begins to dry and a point comes when it stops serving its function.

A very simple solution is to add a few drops of saline to the container and shake. Check how when you remove your brush, it repaints.

6. Use the liner for bigger lips

Looking for visually bigger lips? Your best friend is the profiler. Draw with a softer color than the lipstick that you are going to put on the contour of the lips and that's it. If you choose a stronger color you will get the opposite effect.

7. Little time to put on makeup

Haste is usually one of the main reasons why we don't put on makeup. However, it does not take that long to brighten and beautify our faces, with three easy steps you will be ready.

Put a cream or BB cream on the face to hydrate it and give it a touch of color, the skin is the basis of beautiful makeup. Fill in the eyebrows a little with a brush or with shadow, depending on your preference and apply a mascara to your fingertips. You will notice the results a lot and you do not need too much time to do it.

8. Use an old mascara brush to comb your eyebrows

Sometimes we have to face rebellious eyebrows with a life of their own. If after filling them they are still indomitable and you do not have a mask to comb them, a solution is to apply a little lacquer to a brush of an old mascara (clean and dry).
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