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Expert tricks to take care of your hair, This involves establishing a routine of facial care

Beauty duties are the order of the day lately because, given the extra time  we have, there is no excuse that is worth not taking care of you more than ever.
Beauty duties are the order of the day lately because, given the extra time  we have, there is no excuse that is worth not taking care of you more than ever. This involves establishing and being consistent in a routine of facial care, in doing your manicure and pedicure yourself and, of course, paying special attention to your hair . It is possible that, as a result of the latter, you have already wanted to make an appointment at the hairdresser: "it happens with bangs or very short hair , which immediately lose shape and the need arises," says the director of the House Eduardo Sánchez.

When you get to this point, all you want to do is grab a pair of scissors, and that's where you can fail. Alberto Sanguino, Head of Training at Llongueras, does not recommend it at all. Why? As the stylist points out, cutting hair is not as simple as it seems, four determining factors must be taken into account:
1. The type of hair,
2. The type of facial oval
3. Professional materials and
4. The  stylist's expertiste . 

So, before you get down to business and  roll it up , spend some time on the routine of care with which to  keep your hair down ,  through this selection of products recommended by professionals who will be of great help to you,  regardless of your hair type.

Take advantage to use your treatments

This is an Aussie reconstructive mask that, it promises, works in just 3 minutes and intensively. How? Repairing your hair from scratch. If you have it damaged , you feel that you have lost a lot of shine and there is no trace of softness , you need it because it is formulated with the best ingredients: Australian macadamia nut oil, Jojoba seed oil and avocado oil. From Aussie recommend applying it after shampooingand then leave it to act for no more than 3 minutes. Clarifies and hallucinates. 

Get detox washes

Taking advantage of the fact that the pollutants are not interfering too much with your hair fiber, but they do accumulate from when you went out on the street a lot, your best option is shampoos with detoxifying qualities . This is the  Energy Detoxifiying Shampoo  from Icon and is famous for leaving hair with an unbeatable clean feeling, as well as freshness, without grease, with volume and the  extra  shine that you thought you lost. In addition, it helps purify the scalp so that your mane is healthy from roots to ends, without exception. 

Don't lose your blond

Those who need a good coloring session or highlights because there are roots that can no longer be hidden, you are not alone. However, and if you are blonde, you can save time with specific hair products like this, the Blonde Angel  by Kevin Murphy . It is a conditioner with a vocation for treatment that, in addition to hydrating and smoothing discolored hair, stimulates color and renews blonde shades, to prevent them from appearing coppery or yellowish. It also mattifies the whitest locks, even a whole white hair. 

If you have curly hair, you need an oil
"One of the main risks of curly hair is that it dehydrates," says Eduardo Sánchez. Given this, the stylist proposes to apply a mask twice a week and / or apply an ultra-moisturizing oil from medium to ends and leave it to act overnight . Measure also applicable to straight hair if you get the universal Huile Discipline Oleo-Relax  from Kérastase. It is designed to control curly, frizzy or thick hair and leave a pleasant touch, a shiny finish and proper hydration. All this thanks to its combination of nutrient-rich oils that heal each strand from the follicle. 

Remember your scalp

For some reason, the scalp is one of the great forgotten in terms of care and the truth is that it largely determines the appearance of your hair in general. If you want to start taking care of it, you need products like this purifying cleaner from Aveda. It promises to take care of your scalp thanks to its effective and cleansing solution whose ingredients derived from plants work together with salicylic acid to exfoliate the skin and eliminate contamination. It also contains a mixture of extracts of algae and tamanu oil, which forms a protective barrier over it and combats the penetration of free radicals, in addition to balancing sebum levels . 

Let a mask work at night

Are you in a hurry? Unfortunately not, so there is no impediment for you to apply a mask at night and leave it on until the next morning . This one from Sephora, in fact, is formulated for this purpose. In fact, they act on dry hair more effectively. Includes a protective cap so you don't get the pillow dirty. When you get up, you will notice how your hair is renewed, clean, healthy, soft, with shine and strength. There are several to choose from, but this one, made from shea and chia oil , is perfect if you have severely damaged and dry hair. 

If you're going to cut it, do it right

" Cutting your hair at home is highly inadvisable," says Eduardo Sánchez, corroborating Alberto Sanguino's blunt statement. In fact, one of the reasons both give is that professional tools are usually lacking, such as stylist scissors to begin with. And, although it is better to listen to them and wait to be able to make an appointment at the hairdresser, if you need a cut of bangs, do it with professional scissors . These, made of stainless steel, are made for hairdressers. That said, good luck. 

Brush your hair properly

Do you know why Jennifer Lopez has a great hair? In addition to being surrounded by the best stylists in Hollywood, because she brushes her hair very well and does it with an accessory from this brand, Tangle Teezer.  As they describe it, it is respectful of wet hair , more fragile and prone to breakage. In addition, it has been designed to be used on it and to detangle gently and safely . It contains a total of 325 unique bristles to slide properly, comb knots without doing damage ... If you want to use it with dry hair, it can also be done. 

Holds longer between washes

Experts recommend that, especially if you have oily hair, you try to last longer between washing and washing. In this way, you will not stimulate the sebaceous glands and the secretion of fat . To avoid looking bad and to be able to support better, there is nothing better than keeping the weight collected in those last days and, even better, with tires like the famous Invisibobble. Why? Because it does not pluck hair, leaves no signal and does not absorb moisture . This belongs to the Circus collection  . 

The correct use of a towel

Between 'how to brush properly or' you have been washing your hair badly all this time ', surely you have the feeling that you do not know how to take care of your hair. However, you also need to know that towels are suitable for drying moisture, but not in the way that many women use it. Actually, you don't have to rub wet hair in between because it is very fragile and tends to break more easily. When we get out of the shower, we will remove excess moisture by tapping and without pressing too hard. And, incidentally , you have an excuse to buy yourself a batch of bath towels as beautiful and elegant as these from La Redoute Interiurs. 

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