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Extreme cleanliness, germ-proof jars of cream and goodbye to lipstick testers

Everything we are experiencing is also going to change the way you face the mirror, what you ask of your creams and even the lipstick tester. We analyze what beauty will be like in times of coronavirus.
We need serious approaches to everyday habits that keep us safe. Also in a beauty that has seen how the humble bar of soap and the exhaustive care of the hands became the pillars of a new hygiene. Welcome to your new beauty customs!

Learn again to give yourself your creams

Your goal right now? Do not contaminate your cosmetics . Consider a way to apply them that extreme prophylaxis conditions. Of course, you have to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your face. But don't hydrate them until you're done with the facial routine . And, from now on, never put your finger in the cream jar again. Use the spatula that comes in the box and clean it with rubbing alcohol when you're done. To calculate quantities: from the dense textures take the equivalent of a pea; of the lightest, a chickpea.

The importance of safe packaging

The technology of cosmetic containers has been advancing for years. The touchless jars allow you to serve the product without touching it. Airless ones prevent outside air from coming into contact with the formula (to preserve the integrity of unstable assets, such as vitamin C, which oxidizes with oxygen). The high precision ones do not allow the cream to be reintroduced or remain in the outlet nozzle and the sterilization is total.

Cantabria Labs Endocare Radiance C Ferulic Edafence (€ 69.91). 2. + Farma Dorsch The Essence Serum Premium Face, Neck and Neckline (€ 90). 3. Dior Capture Totale CELL Energy Serum (€ 475).

Sustainability: very essential

The transformation of habitats endangers the planet . And beauty firms take it seriously. The precious royal jelly of the black bee of the island of Ouessant is present in the Guerlain Abeille Royale line. And the maison has become a champion of this insect (essential for biodiversity and now endangered), whose World Day is next May 20. Among other initiatives, it works with UNESCO on a five-year sustainability plan to train beekeepers in areas that are a Biosphere Reserve.

The beauty ritual as therapy

Confinement has become an opportunity to enjoy beauty care in a more conscious way. You have learned to wash your hands calmly and have discovered the comforting power of dedicating 10 minutes of facial mask disconnected from the world. And yes, your hair has improved now that you have really applied the anti-hair loss ampoules every day that the label established. "We have seen results and that will help us make better purchasing decisions," explains Verónica Fisas, president of Stanpa.

Chanel Sublimage Le Savon de Soin (€ 95). 2. Lancôme Advanced Génifique Flash Effect Hydrogel Flux Mask (€ 15). 3. L'Occitane Hand Cream Karité Classic Limited Edition (€ 23).

You are going to demand a lot from your creams

You will want to know the information about its clean ingredients . "But, above all, we are going to demand efficiency." Veronica Fisas points this out and ratifies a report by the British consulting firm Mintel that analyzes the impact that the current world health crisis is going to have on beauty. And he points out something curious: the consumer, who is going to give priority to scientific research and safety in formulation, begins to assume that nature does not always have to be the best option .

One Two Free Favorite Foaming Cleanser (€ 12.99). Exclusive to Douglas. 2. Bareminerals Pureness Soothing Light Moisturizer (€ 42) and Pureness Gel Cleanser (€ 26).

Back at the hairdresser

The return requires many rules that you will have to strictly follow so that someone professional can cut your bangs , touch up those roots and give you that radiofrequency treatment that your cheeks were crying out for. We know that you have missed them very much. That is why it is so important to make an appointment, keep your distance, wear a mask and gloves throughout the service and go alone (do not take small children with you as companions, the children's areas are closed)..
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