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Haircuts for models and actress that give volume for this summer 2020

For many, the idea of ​​betting on one of the trend haircuts may seem risky as long as it could take away their volume. With these, it won't happen to them.

With the reopening of hairdressers and beauty salons after confinement, many will be counting down the days to be able to get a good change of «look». Without a doubt haircuts will be one of the most demanded services in this return to professional care routines. And it is that, at the gates of summer, the option of lightening our hair with a stylish cut (if possible on trend), we find very appealing.

For those with fine hair , the idea of ​​going for one of these stylish haircuts may seem risky as long as it could take away volume. But nothing further, provided we choose properly. Short hair and volume are two compatible options (and consecutive, many times).

The key to creating volume is to cut creating layers, the more the better , because it is these that provide those sensations of greater amount of hair on the mane.

Here are some of the trend options for this spring-summer 2020 season .


It not only gives volume and is a trend, but also has the advantage that it rejuvenates our image . So is this haircut that falls on the clavicles and is appropriate for those who do not want to cut their hair too much. Likewise, it is perfect for those who have had short hair and want to keep it long, giving it a little shape.

And it is that the "clavichut" is worn longer in front than behind to achieve movement and it is the uneven tips that end up providing that sought-after volume to the cut. In addition, it is a very appropriate length for the summer because it allows us to collect our hair when the heat tightens.

Hair to bowl

For those looking for a much more radical haircut, but without giving up the volume on the mane, this 90s style of air has returned with force this year. It is perfect for women with straight hair because it will give them volume and movement with great comfort.

In fact, the basis of this cut is the contrast between the top layer with a uniform length (the one that originally marked the bowl that was placed over the head) and the bottom layer, much shorter and scaled towards the nape. Of course, one of the great advantages of this style is that it is very comfortable for the summer and months later it can lead to a stylish mini bob cut.


Another of the fashionable cuts of the moment, which can be used by women with fine hair to gain volume in the mane. The good thing is that it is a very customizable cut , since the number and length of the layers will depend on the hair of each person and what you want to achieve.

In addition, the "shaggy"  is one of those cuts that will allow us to do without the dryer during the summer , in search of the "look" with pimples that inspires it. Although, if what we want is to gain extra volume, the ideal will be to dry it upside down by applying a product that provides texture or fixation.


If in the last year we have not succumbed to the most wanted cut , it may be time to do so. Being a straight and even cut, it enhances the natural thickness of the mane . And, the shorter, the greater the effect. Although we can choose to customize the cut to the desired length, taking into account the variety of options available.

The classic 'bob', for example, is worn at jaw height with longer front locks and shorter rear. That is precisely what provides movement to the cut and plays in favor of generating that feeling of greater amount of hair.


The classic of the classics when it comes to short haircuts is this one that also provides volume. The way to achieve this when we talk about fine hair is to play with longer layers that give body to the «look». In addition, contrary to what we may think, it is a versatile cut when it comes to styling, especially if we wear it with long layers, which will allow us to play with more options.

Boycut style

A step beyond the «pixie» we find other types of cuts that are included within the most daring that a woman can wear. We are talking about “garçon” style haircuts , with a more masculine or, at least, more androgynous look, which also allow you to play with layers to gain that extra volume.

"Midi" matched

If we prefer to keep the mane, we can choose a medium cut and gain volume by matching the length and standing out with dry hair . In this way we will achieve a thickening effect without having to resort to the layers.

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