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Haircuts to give movement to straight hair for the one who have one of those smooth

Although we are lucky to have one of those smooth hair that doesn't even need a dryer, who doesn't want to gain a little movement thanks to a strategic cut?
There was a time when straight manes and straight plank hair were the best. We all wanted to straighten our hair at all costs and irons and keratin straightening treatments were the most demanded. You remember? A lot has happened since then, and although the flawless straight "look" will always be in fashion, the prevailing trend today is that of natural waves and texture in hair .

Because, even if we are lucky enough to have one of those smooth hair that doesn't even need a dryer, who doesn't want to gain a little movement thanks to a strategic cut?

Layered cutting and blunting are two techniques that professionals use to move the mane. Even a square mane can have air and movement applying the appropriate techniques (for example, blunt and parading).

Haircuts that give movement
When choosing our cut, we must take into account that the longer it is, the less movement it will have , since the weight of the hair reduces mobility to the mane. Likewise, it is possible to enhance that movement effect by combining a suitable cut with coloring techniques that create nuances of tone. This is the case of the "balayage" wicks , which manage to add dimensions to the mane.

The traditional "bob" cut at the jawline and with a slight forward lean will bring great movement to any straight hair. In addition, it is a cut that is easy to maintain at home and is perfect for changing the image for the summer.

The bob cut can currently have multiple versions depending on the effect we want to achieve. The asymmetrical version, with one side longer than the other, is perfect to gain movement in the mane.

It is not necessary to give up the mane to show off a cut that moves smooth hair. The proof would be the long version of the "bob", also known as "lob" , cut straight and even. To win that movement that we are looking for, you would only have to work with internal (or "invisible") layers , which do not detract from the ends and add a lot of air to the hairstyle naturally.

The clavichut is perfect for gaining both volume (in fine hair) and movement , while achieving a stylish and comfortable cut. In this case, the length is marked by the clavicles, so the final result will depend on the appearance of each one. The longer the neck is, the longer the cut will be, and vice versa.

The advantage of this versatile type of cut is that, unlike the "bob", it allows us to collect our hair when we need it and, in addition, it takes years away.

The layers are ideal to give volume and movement to the mane. And if there is something that defines the "shaggy" style, it is the layers. It is a cut that is built with uneven strands that give a casual look to the «look». It is very versatile when it comes to personalizing it with more or less long layers , depending on the type of face.

In any case, the "shaggy" is characterized by the layered gradient from the top of the head and, unlike straight cuts, it provides movement to the mane from top to bottom.

It is also possible to get that air in the hair with a long "XL" mane. It may not be the dominant trend of the moment, but for many women it is the preferred option. How to provide that movement to a long, smooth and straight mane? The answer is in the light and invisible layers , which are strategically chosen so as not to detract from the mane. Thus, we will maintain the length without the need to leave a square mane.

For those looking for a definitive change that causes that "wow" effect in others, "short bob" and "pixie" haircuts are perfect (from least to riskiest). They are short hair styles full of charisma and that can be customized depending on the traits and style of each one.

The "short bob" or "bob" mini rises above the jaw and can be worn with or without bangs. Being short, it provides volume and movement naturally, although we can provide more air with a blunt.

In the case of the "pixie" , the movement is concentrated in the upper part of the head, which allows us to play with different styles and hairstyles.

Of course, it should be remembered that in this type of straight and straight hair, with cuts such as the "pixie" or those of a masculine style, it is important to use fixing products that provide texture to obtain the best result..
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