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How stress affects model's beauty and tips for avoid that problem

Stress not only affects the psychological well-being of the models, it also affects their physical well-being and manifests itself in the form of skin imperfections.
Stress is a natural reaction of our body when we face an unknown situation, a problem or if we cannot control everything that happens around us. A reaction that not only affects our psychological well-being, but also our physical well-being.

An unconscious process in which the brain generates a series of chemical reactions in order to flee from the situation that produces discomfort or tension. A procedure in which our body generates a greater production of adrenaline and cortisol, the main stress hormone, which causes a hormonal imbalance in our body.

In addition to experiencing mood swings, insomnia, fatigue and headaches, among other symptoms, the exterior of our body is a clear reflection of how the interior of the body is.

Some of the main consequences of suffering stress are the loss of strength, elasticity and light in the skin.

It is important to keep in mind that skin problems are not only a consequence of hormones and their changes, but also of the physical state in which we find ourselves. Therefore, it is essential to take care not only of our interior but also of our beauty.

Effects of stress on beauty

The fact that there is an imbalance inside the body causes it to be reflected on the outside in the form of: Acne, Rosacea, Wrinkles, Hair loss, Dry and dull skin, Dark circles and bags under the eyes, Dandruff, Gray hair , Skin spots and Varicose veins

    Tips for coping with stress

    Take care of food. There are a number of food products that help reduce stress levels. Dark chocolate, nuts and herbal teas are some of them.

    Find an activity or exercise with which you can clear your mind and disconnect from what worries you. Professionals recommend doing sports, because physical exercise releases hormones that generate positive sensations in the body and, in addition, helps us to clear the mind and helps us to rest better. Relaxation, breathing and meditation exercises have great benefits, they will help you to release the accumulated tension and feel better.

    Write and stop to think about what worries you. Plotting the reasons that make you suffer from stress will help you to assimilate and accept the situation and take steps to deal with it..
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