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How to get perfect eyebrows? seen more than ever by the widespread use of masks

The eyes and eyebrows will be seen more than ever by the widespread use of masks . This area must be taken care of so that it is much more perfect.


For there to be more volume, you just have to comb them and fix them, since it recommends not filling them as it is about making them look denser but without being exaggerated.

Half out

In summer it is better to use a pencil to fill in the eyebrows and define the tip. Pull it up and up for a younger, more sensual look.

Lighter shades

As it is natural and in summer it is better not to load this area with too strong colors, you have to avoid dark colors. "It is better that the mine is lighter than the eyebrows to give them dimension without busting them too much." He comments that the sun will lighten the natural color of the hair.


A little light in this area of ​​the face offers us a younger and sweeter look. For the professional, pencils, gels and brushes for the eyebrows are key to carry them perfectly, but you must bear in mind the concealer or highlighter, “that final touch applying a little under the arch, in the upper area of ​​the bone, to raise them; and between the eyebrows, to open and illuminate ”.

Redefine eyebrows

How do we do it? As when you cut the ends to clean your hair, you have to brush them upwards, separating the hairs well and cut the ones that stand out the most, respecting the natural shape of the eyebrow.

Some products to have perfect eyebrows

Brow Wiz Anastasia Beverly Hills

Ultrathin pencil and brush. Formula enriched with vitamin E and vegetable oils.

'Born this way' palette Turn up the Light Too Faced

A trio of highlighters for a dazzling face and gaze.

Arch Brow Shaping Gel Hourglass

Gel with color, double brush and microfibers for more defined eyebrows. Available in 6 shades perfect to give volume to the eyebrow. 
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