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How to improve your profile of model on social networks?

How to filter our potential clients using a form to filter our clients or using a service to receive micro payments.

Our model or photographer profile must be divided into the profile photo, biography and a form. We have a page where we can find a gallery of icons for the biography of our profile.We will complete our Instagram biography as follows:
- History: Where I come from and what I want to see from me
- Strengths: What am I good at?
- Purpose: Makeup, Runway, Photography, inspire, help .
- Interests: My ideal partner, niche market.

How to get a link to a form to filter customers with Google?.

Once inside Google Drive, we mouse over CREATE and click. We start creating our form and entering a title and choosing the form template that you are going to use.

Advantages of making a form with Google Drive:
- Very easy to use interface
- Variety of themes for forms
- You can collaborate with more users
- Solutions for long lists of questions or fields
- Final screen easy to configure: edit, delete, ...
- Choose the destination email to receive responses in "Select destination of responses" at any time.
- You collect all the results in an excel (very important).We have it ready and it is time to copy the link to share on our Instagram or Facebook profile in the instagram form box.

How to shorten the link with bit ly?

Bitly, the most used shortener. As I say, Bitly is probably the most widely used tool to shorten links in profiles.
- You shorten a URL in the usual way.
- You put the course on top of Bitly's shortened URL.
- You modify the link to your liking.
- You save the link and copy it to your profile.

How to get a link to monetize our profile with OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is an audiovisual content distribution service where other people pay to see yours. OnlyFans also works as a social network, that is, it facilitates interaction with your followers. That is why knowing this website is the guarantee of a better experience in contacting your followers and managing your payments..

Instant messaging has been an indispensable resource in all the social networks that dominate the photography and video sector. OnlyFans has this option and thanks to it you will be able to chat directly with your fans and followers in real time, and to do so you just have to select the thought balloon button on the top banner of the home screen, that will take you to the chat room, where you can select the option to start a new chat with one of your fans..

As a model and photographer, the bank option to deposit the money that your subscribers have paid you is very impotent. OnlyFans allows you to register a bank account, in order to facilitate all monetary procedures within the platform. To do this it is necessary to go to settings and select the option "add bank account" that is under the option to configure the rate to be paid by your subscribers.
We have it ready and it is time to copy the OnlyFans link to our Instagram or Facebook profile in the instagram form box..

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