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Makeup tips for models who want to be perfect in a photo shoot

To a large extent, the work of makeup is based on the rules of plasticity, that is, the theory of color, the management of light and shadow, as well as the drawing of the face and the human body

We give you some makeup tips to be perfect during a photo shoot.

The makeup for a photo shoot should be slightly more pronounced than the basic we use to go outside, due to the intensity of the light given by the spotlights.

The spotlights will absorb at least two light tones, so it is recommended to increase the color tone. In black and white photos, the colors change to gray tones, so it is not recommended to use red (it turns into a very dramatic gray), black and white.
Lighting is essential in a photo shoot. In close-up portraits, the lights have to be oriented to highlight the tones, highlights and textures of the makeup. Therefore, this type of photography requires a high level of professionalism.

How to put on makeup for a photo shoot

In large part, the work of makeup is based on the rules of plastic, that is, the theory of color, the management of light and shadow, as well as the drawing of the face and the human body. The face and body become the canvas where the plastic work is carried out.

1. Ten or fifteen minutes before applying the base or powders, it is advisable to clean the face well. Then, you wait another ten minutes to apply the foundation, in order to make the skin look more radiant.

2. The base has to be matte, without shine on the face. The photos taken at night have yellowish tones, just like those taken with artificial light. Pink shades are recommended as they balance color.

3. The eyebrows help to enhance the look, which is why it is recommended that they be well drawn, since this defines the expression of the face. If you apply abundant mascara, your eyes will look bigger and more expressive. 4. Lipsticks are used to define the mouth, although if the face is small, do not exaggerate the makeup of the mouth. Very light lipsticks are avoided because they do not photograph well.

We already know that during the holidays there are plenty of selfies and photos with family, friends and partying. Since we want you to always be perfect, we have prepared the definitive makeup guide to achieve an infallible look in front of the camera (whatever the time). It is intended for professional photography sessions, and if they work in magazines imagine what they can do on instagram.

Choosing the best makeup to be in front of a camera does not consist of putting on makeup or putting on very bright colors. It is about understanding what the camera is going to see and how it is going to portray it. Choose the right shade, accentuate areas properly and get shine from the inside out. That is the key.

Don't try new haircuts before a photo shoot.

The best way to make a look of yours is to give it a little time. Don't try new hair colors or cuts just before you take photos of yourself. Let it become a part of you, give it a couple of weeks and you will avoid that the camera can pick up any small insecurity you have in front of your new look.

Also, don't shave or have an abrasive treatment for your skin just before taking photos. They can cause redness.

As well, hydrate yourself and get enough sleep..

We will never tire of saying it. You have many online makeup resources but makeup is to stand out and its function is not to hide a bigger problem. Eat well, drink plenty of water and rest. There is no skin more beautiful and radiant than that which is healthy.

The effects of stress and tiredness appear on the skin as redness or dark areas. A professional makeup artist will be able to hide them for a while but there is nothing like a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. They will help you keep your hair and skin nourished, fresh and luminous.
Beware of frizz

These unruly little hairs take a lot of attention away from a photo and create an unflattering halo. With a good anti-frizz serum you have it solved in a jiffy.

Prepare your skin. Hydrates!

Clean and hydrated skin is the perfect canvas to start working. The camera will notice dry skin and also oil. Clean your skin, apply the moisturizer, let it absorb and then add the primer. The first will ensure that your skin does not absorb makeup. You also have eye primer.

Use a base without FPS

Sun protection on certain bases provides a whitish result on the skin. It melts the base well especially in the base of the hair and in the jaws, the camera sees more and better than us and usually takes very well the lines of demarcation of the makeup. If you are worried about the sun you can choose translucent powders with sun protection.

Note: It is good to protect yourself from the sun, remember that these tips are designed for a professional photo shoot.

Keep the shine at bay

The brightness is very distracting, especially in HD. In still photos, flashes will emphasize brightness and color tone changes. Matifying your skin will be a sure hit.

Have blotting paper nearby for between photos.

Use bases and concealers that diffuse light.

Choose natural matte shades.

Use a bright shade in specific areas.

A little sparkling white or champagne eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes will brighten and widen your eyes. A well applied shine can be a great ally in the bridge of the nose, in the cupid's arch and in the upper area of ​​the cheekbones.

In general, the pearl brightness does not work well on the camera. Both bronzers and blushers must be matte.

Value your natural beauty. Choose the correct shades.

In the face:

Your bronzer should be just one point darker than your skin tone. If you go over it will look orange and will not look good. And a softer, fuller tone for the cheeks. Use a little more than normal for the camera to pick up.

In the eyes:

The eyes define the character. They attract attention and say a lot about you.

The brightness is very distracting, especially in HD. In still photos, flashes will do. Choose matte colors with neutral tones. You want people to notice your eyes and not your makeup. Think soft tones: Beige, brown, soft pink or peach tones. The one you want, but soft.

Don't go too dark on your eyebrows, it will increase your age and draw too much attention to them. But the eyebrows project youth and frame the eyes. Fill them with a color that matches your natural shade.


Avoid extremes of light, dark and shine.

Don't use too dark a lipstick. It will age you. And the nude lips disappear on camera. Outline them in the same shade or one point lighter than your lipstick color.

A touch of glitter can make your teeth appear lighter. But don't overdo it or it will be garish on camera.

Use a little more highlighting than normal.

Try shading with a matte bronzer, lightly bite your cheeks and shade the bottom. Now smile and apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks.

Give it another pass with your blush to balance with your eyes and your lips on camera. You just have to make sure you mix well.

Use a liquid eyeliner for your upper eyelid, using a soft black, charcoal, or brown.

Mix well and keep an even tone.

Every step you take in your makeup remember: Mix, mix, mix. (Do not confuse with dirtying everything). The demarcation lines appear more on camera so make sure there aren't any.

and readys!.

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