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Do I need professional photos to work on my career as a model or actress?

A person who spends a long time with an officer and approver of it is quite likely to have the skills he needs.
A person who spends a long time on a trade and gets to eat from it is quite likely that he does have the skills you need. I very often get photos of girls who want to know if their photos are suitable for submission to an agency. Most of the times they are not. Maybe they could be good, but often the images I get are terrible. So I decided to write this post that answers the question Do I need professional photos to work as a model?.

Can I go to an agency with a book made by a non-professional photographer? Yes, you can. But you do not want.
Millions of digital cameras are sold today. Many of them give a very high image quality. Huge resolution. Stabilized lenses. This is all fantastic, but it doesn't make the person holding the camera a good photographer. It is important to say, too, that there are terrific amateur photographers and terrible professional photographers. So why choose a professional photographer? It's simple: a person who spends a long time in a trade and manages to eat from it is quite likely to have the skills you need.

Well, but if an amateur photographer takes very good photos, are they worth it?
The problem is that you don't know it. You may think that your judgment is enough to distinguish a good photo from a bad one, and which photos are suitable for a modeling agency, but let's be honest, it's probably not true. You don't have enough experience, you haven't looked at enough photos and you do need help to know which is better. If that's not the case and you really have a spectacularly good eye, you should look for a job as a cinematographer in a newspaper. In short: although they may seem good to you, it is almost certain that they are not enough to get you jobs.

So am I going to any professional photographer?
Let's talk about cars. Let's say you have a brand and you need a driver who provides you with sufficient reliability to play a decent role in a rally. Your decision will almost certainly not be to go to a taxi driver or a bus driver for that task. You will find a specialized person to take a photo session.

I don't like the idea of ​​investing money in one session. What if I go with photos that my classmate has taken of me with the super camera that her father gave her at Christmas?
Most likely, nothing will happen. As it is. You send the photos and nothing happens. They do not call you, or they answer you saying that they do not interest you. In many occasions they will not explain to you that your photos are bad. If you send photos that even if you think they are good, they are not professionals, you transmit a bad image, mainly in two aspects: you are not a person who takes this job seriously (and nobody wants to work with models who do not arrive on time, they don't appear or make excuses) and you also don't have enough image to be part of that agency.

But there are agencies that take any photo ...
And so it goes. You just have to pay attention to the impression they convey. It is true that there are very different profiles, but that does not mean that any type of photo is worth: it can be worth anyone, but whatever it is, they will always want to see it well.

OKAY. I need professional photos to work as a model. Why don't I get them at the agency?
Because the main business of the agency is not to take photos, but to find you a job. The most common for agencies, although it does not suit them, is that they choose novice photographers to meet their needs. Poorly paid and inexperienced, you will be charged as a really good photographer, and that difference is a full benefit to the agency. It's always better to work with a freelance photographer whose income depends precisely on the photos you take and how good they are. His reputation is at stake.

But in my town there are only three photographers and none seem to be specialized in fashion.
Life is hard. Maybe you have to take a bus! The book is an essential part of your career. And anyway, the jobs you find as a model will not be in your town. If you can't find a suitable photographer in your town, move. Worth.

In the world of fashion and advertising, we are the professionals who are in contact with brands and companies in the sector every day, and although we are under pressure to do a good job for this brand, we also know its tastes and weaknesses, remember that A nice photo, no matter how spectacular it is, and how many likes you have on social networks, may not be useful for a clothing brand or cosmetic company.

Remember that when looking for a model, you look for certain physical characteristics, so minimalism is mandatory, and studio photoshoots are the best weapon that a model has to look perfect and get the most out of itself since there is no nothing more to distract.
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