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Rejuvenate and deflate dark circles in ten minutes: I did it with these gel patches

A gel mask patch with petals for the eye contour that rejuvenates the skin in 10 minutes and deflates dark circles under the eyes? It sounds great ... and it tastes better.
At this point in 2020 and despite the allowed walks, whose face is NOT a poem? Being confined, having restrictions to go out and live, takes its toll. Among other things, sleep patterns are as they are: upside down. Who does not sleep badly, it is difficult to fall asleep and when he falls asleep, he wakes up at 3 hours with his eyes like an owl. Result: some dark circles and its totally undeserved bad.

Well, in those I was walking, on a Sunday like this, when I was notified in the morning of the calendar of family and friends video calls that I had in the afternoon. I've never seen so many people in one day! And my face, what? The solution was easy: a little disconnect with Patchology ‘Moodpatch Happy Place’ gel patches and solved.

And it is true when we tell you that these patches have something special. They are not the only ones on the market, nor the only ones we have tried, but they may be some of the most pleasant and fresh that have passed through our dark circles. And there goes the best: in just 10 minutes, revitalizes the complexion around the eyes based on petals and citrus essential oils.

Happy Place Moodpatch € 14.95

Patchology patches are famous across the globe. For the feet, for the hands, for the face ... The brand, in case you did not know it (which we recommend you put in your fav's folder right now), was born from the simple idea that the way in which the ingredients are release in a treatment, it is the reason that can change everything. It was created more than 10 years ago, after its founder transferred its innovations from the medical to the cosmetic world. Thus, today it has become a reference in the world of beauty in terms of products that act quickly and efficiently. Cosmetics for express lives like the ones we all have. Whether for work or because you want to spend your time having fun, its motto is always "beauty, at your own pace".

So going back to the aforementioned patches, after trying them we can affirm that they leave the skin so juicy and hydrated that they seem to "fill" almost instantly the sad hole left by a "well-fed" eyecup based on bad sleep. They are enriched with coconut extract, which softens the skin and hydrates it; hibiscus, which is rich in antioxidants and lotus flower, which also relaxes and helps in the task of leaving the skin radiant and nourished.
5 pairs come in the box and trust us: the 10 minutes are short. They cost € 14.95 and just for the good face they left me for the video call battalion that day and for the moment of relaxation they gave me, they are worth it..
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