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Ricoh gives more details about the new Pentax APS-C reflex that will be its top of the range

Ricoh gives more details about the new SLR that will be its top-of-the-range model and reveals three new objectives.

It was announced last fall but with very few details. Now we know a little more about this new APS-C format Pentax SLR that should hit stores this year and will be at the top of its range (so it seems very close to the Pentax K-1 full frame ) , in addition to three new objectives for the portfolio of the house.

The camera had to have been presented at the CP + 2020 fair , which was canceled by the coronavirus , so now the brand has released the video that you have seen above and in which they talk about the products they are currently developing: three new lenses ( one of them previously unveiled ) and this high-end DSRL and cropped sensor.

Pentax K-¿?

As we say, the star of the presentation is that APS-C digital SLR camera that still does not have a name and they promise that it will be " the best APS-C created by Pentax ". Recall that, at least officially, at Ricoh they think that mirrorless cameras are something of a "fad "-

Therefore, the new Pentax will continue a tradition of cameras that stand out for being compact, durable and functional, with high-end features in a compact body . As we have , its design follows the lines that have been common in the brand, with the Pentax K-1 and the Pentax K-3 II (of which it would be a natural substitute) as main references.
The novelty would be in the small joystick incorporated in the back, something that many competitive cameras already offer, but which is not accompanied by a folding rear screen in any way. Anyway, from what they tell in the video, the biggest efforts of the brand had been focused on its SLR viewfinder .

A completely renovated design viewfinder to offer an unprecedented experience in the field of APS-C SLRs and similar to that of full-format DSLRs. And it would be both in terms of brightness and amplitude, with improved image magnification. Thus, it would go from 0.92x for K-5 and K-7 and 0.95x for K-3, K-3 II and KP, to 1.05x in the new Pentax, that is, with an angle of vision like that of the K-1 and K-1 II.

For the rest, they show a redesign of the viewfinder that includes a bulger protrusion designed to improve the functionality of the sensor that turns off the screen when bringing the eye closer. They also claim to have improved tracking autofocus behavior (one of the areas where Pentax falters relative to the competition), although they don't elaborate.

New Pentax lenses

In addition to talking about the new camera, Pentax executives also talked about three new lenses that should appear soon, one of which we already knew. This is the already announced HD Pentax-D FA ★ 85mmF1.4 SDM AW , an optics from the most exclusive range in the Pentax catalog that it claims to offer promises to offer incredible clarity, but without compromising bokeh.

The company is making to ensure that this lens offers the highest image quality , both for today's cameras and those that come in the future, and they say that a new Optical design including three ultra low dispersion ED lenses.

The other two announced lenses are the HD Pentax-DA ★ 16-50mm F2.8 ED PLM AW and the Pentax D FA 21mm ED limited DC WR . The first would be a new version of a standard lens ( SMC Pentax-DA ★ 16-50mm F2.8 ) dating from 2007 that has been completely redesigned, improving its quality, as well as the focus flaws it presented, thanks to incorporating the The house's most sophisticated focus motor.

The other is a limited edition optic with a vintage and exclusive design , metal construction and compact size. Therefore, it will be a single lens with ultra wide-angle coverage for full-frame models and will appear in black or silver. In addition, it will be the first lens of its kind to be sealed and will include a silent focus motor.

Price and availability

As expected, they have not given details on the price of the camera or lenses, but they have some information on when they could be launched, always depending on the evolution of the events produced by the coronavirus pandemic .

The new high-end Pentax APS-C SLR should appear, as announced, throughout this year 2020 , the same as the HD Pentax-D FA ★ 85mmF1.4 SDM AW lens , whose prototype would already be finalized and therefore, it could be the first to be officially announced.

As for the HD Pentax-DA ★ 16-50mm F2.8 ED PLM AW and Pentax D FA 21mm ED limited DC WR optics , they say they are working to get them ready as close as possible to the launch of the DSLR, but they speak of the first half of 2021 in the case of the 16-50 mm, and of 2021 (without specifying more) for the 21 mm.
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