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Solid conditioners: why they are better and how to use them for smooth and shiny hair

One of its secrets is in its formulation: the oils and butters it contains are not diluted and maintain all of its regenerating and moisturizing properties.
If we do not remedy it quickly and effectively, it is estimated that at the current rate, in 2050 the weight of plastic waste in seawater will be greater than the weight of all the fish on the planet, according to the study The new economy of plastics. Through small gestures in our day to day we can collaborate to reduce the impact on the environment and make our beauty routine more sustainable.

With solid options that offer careful formulations adapted to each need, we achieve our goals without creating more waste. With natural ingredients ranging from botanical extracts to fruit oils and butters, they maintain their effectiveness in their compact form and brands are starting to trade plastic waste for stick formulations that are inexpensive, more durable than their liquid counterpart, and easy to carry anywhere. part.

According to experts, the important thing when betting on one format or another is to make sure that its composition does not include cationic surfactants (which remove most of the lipids from the hair and unprotect it) or polymers that act as antistatic agents and reduce effectiveness. "In the case of solid conditioners such as Solito's, this function is performed by different active ingredients of natural origin and equally effective as coconut oil, cocoa butter and cetearyl alcohol, which is a fatty alcohol or commonly known as wax. These ingredients, in addition to acting as conditioning agents, have been shown to be effective with prolonged use in improving styling and reducing damage to hair with everyday habits, "says Eric Steinbauer, co-founder of Kriim,an online store with establishments in Barcelona, ​​which sells natural and 100% toxic-free cosmetics.

Why are they better

Among the advantages and benefits of the solid conditioner is that it requires less water in its elaboration. As Steinbauer explains: “Its formulation is mainly based on the active principle itself. The oils and butters it contains are not diluted and maintain all their regenerating and moisturizing properties. Furthermore, the same amount of product lasts much longer, since very little is spent on each use ”.

How to apply them?

Solid conditioners are shaped like a bar of soap and are used either by rubbing the product between your hands or directly on wet hair, until you obtain a fine foam, then massage and finish rinsing with plenty of water. Here our proposal:

Solito Anti-Frizz Conditioner (8.95 euros)

It contains cocoa butter which, thanks to its high content of vitamin B1, helps regulate sebum and nourishes and hydrates hair and scalp. Its multivitamin compound provides antioxidant, anti-hair loss and fortifying properties and the lavender essential oil of its formula favors hair growth with its antimicrobial properties and reduces inflammation. Indicated for all hair types.

Lush American Cream (10.95 euros)

The firm's most popular conditioner is also available in a solid format. Its combination of strawberry, orange and agave syrup leave the hair soft and hydrated, although Lush has different pills for every hair need: equalize blonde tones, add volume, repair hair...

Ethique The Guardian (17.99 euros)

Founded in 2012 in New Zealand, the firm does not use plastics in any of its products. The Guardian's conditioner formula contains cocoa butter, coconut oil, vitamin B5, and spicy lime oil that helps tame frizz and hydrate dry hair.

Wai Wai (12 euros)

Recommended for all hair types, this product removes traces of dirt while the shea butter in its formula protects the mane from the sun's UV rays. For its application, it is necessary to massage the tablet against the hair, rub from roots to ends and rinse. After use, the hair detangles easily thanks to the effect of jojoba and argan oils.

Biovène Clear Protect (3.95 euros)
To give life to dry and brittle hair, Clear Protect contains natural macadamia oil, beeswax, shea butter, lime and lemon essential oils and minerals. A hydrating blend that conditions and improves hair balance and elasticity. This plastic-free vegan product can be used daily. It has a price of 3.95 euros in Druni.

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