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The best sunscreen for face at the pharmacy and for less than fifteen euros

After confinement, don't risk burning your skin in the sun and protect yourself well. We have selected for you the best facial sunscreens with SPF50.

Dermatologists confirm this. Confinement can make it easier for us to burn more when we start going outside, because we have been without the sun for a  long time and our skin is not ready.  One of the most common mistakes is thinking that if, at first, you wear a long sleeve, you are already protected. And what about the face and cleavage? 

In these outings, whether for walking, cycling or running,  more than one has returned home with a red and irritated face. Keeping the recommended safety distance, in many occasions the mask is disregarded - which can protect a little more - and the sun rays "attack" without mercy. Not to mention those exercise sessions on the terraces or the vermouths on the balconies! The best remedy: use a good facial sunscreen that meets the ideal conditions. 

This is the best sunscreen according to dermatologists


With high FPS. That this will prevent you from turning dark? No, that will prevent you from damaging your skin. The Sun Protection Factor (the 15, 30 or 50 that appears on the packaging) what it indicates is the time during which the sunscreen will keep your skin protected from UVB rays, which are responsible for sunburn. The lighter your skin, the higher the SPF should be to protect it. For example, if your skin turns red just by being in the sun for 5 minutes, a protector with SPF 50 will multiply by 50 the time you can be exposed to radiation without burning yourself. That is, 5x50 = 250 minutes. Although dermatologists recommend that the protector be renewed at most every 120 minutes(2 hours) and after each bath. Think that sweat or rubbing on clothing / towel can make the protector less effective. And not all of them are water-resistant. 
The widest spectrum of protection.  This means that sunscreens must form a barrier not only against UVB rays, but also against UVA rays , which cause premature aging of the skin. Make sure you have these two acronyms on the packaging. The most complete protectors also usually incorporate the letters HEVL, which means that it protects from visible or high-energy light (known as blue light) , another cause of photoaging and staining.  And if it also has the initials IR-A, much better, because it will mean that it will protect you in addition to infrared, which attacks the deepest layers of the skin and can alter cells. 

The best texture. Sunscreens have greatly improved in this regard, to meet the needs of all skin types. There are more moisturizers for dry skin, and mattifying for oily skin, which want to avoid shine. But, without a doubt, those that succeed among the vast majority are the dry touch textures or those that do not leave a sticky feeling.

Antipollution and with antioxidant power. Many formulas are designed to meet the needs of the most urban women, those who expose themselves to the sun daily in the cities. It has been proven that sun rays + pollution is a cocktail that is harmful for the skin and adds years..

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