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What side effects does confinement have on the beauty of models?

The confinement is not only testing the creativity and patience of the models, but also the good condition of the skin and hair.
In addition to stress and its effects on beauty, the models' skin also suffers the consequences of staying a long time without leaving the house. Decreased luminosity, increased bags and dark circles, dermatitis, acne or psoriasis are some of the main consequences that appear on the skin after a few days of confinement. The explanation given by the experts to this situation is none other than the increased levels of cortisol and adrenaline, which produces the production of collagen.

Dermatitis on the hands

Hand dermatitis is undoubtedly the most common effect. Having to wash our hands frequently causes water to dry out the skin, causing flaking, eczema, and even painful and uncomfortable cracks.

For this reason, specialists recommend the use of moisturizing cream after each wash. In addition, to recover the state of our hands, it is advisable to massage them while applying the cream. Your hands will thank you!

Hair loss

Mandatory confinement has caused many models to experience episodes of stress and anxiety during this time period. In addition, taking into account that one of the effects of stress on beauty is hair loss, it means that many models have seen how their hair loses volume and quantity..

Dry and pimpled skin of the face

Although confinement is benefiting a part of the models to recover healthy and imperfection-free facial skin, the truth is that there are a percentage of models that are seeing how irritations, dryness and pimples appear on their faces.

This is due, according to experts, to emotional changes such as sadness or anxiety caused by this situation. A higher sebaceous production that makes your face, regardless of whether you are receiving treatment and makeup, look dull and blemished these days.
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