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How to correctly develop your branding of model on Instagram?

Instagram is an important social network for photographers and models, we specify how to base ourselves on an organic growth model.
Instagram is like any social network is evolving until it reaches a point where it stagnates. It has happened with Facebook and with Tuenti. The Instagram social network has grown considerably in recent years and new users are added to its community every day. There is more and more competition and it is more difficult to differentiate yourself from the rest, but it is not impossible

What can photographers and models do in the lockdown?

Models and photographers can search for projects beyond instagram, be aware of new networks and platforms to be the pioneers in arriving, work hard and do it well to be able to go from mouth to ear and that it is not necessary to call you on Instagram . As a social network it can disappear just like Tuenti did, We must use more companies apart from instagram and for that we have to expand our creativity.

In this endless number of publications and so many users, companies and advertising- It is true that it is difficult to support the models and accounts you follow, therefore there will always be many opinions about what can be done, but the following should be highlighted.

What can we do to support us?

Publishing regularly is essential to reach more audiences and that your followers are loyal. Spend time creating a content strategy, planning and scheduling the publication of your posts.

We can upload stories that we really liked from the accounts we follow but not take them every day, maybe one day a week. Since if we do it all the time we will be offering advertising like companies. In balance is virtue, take a day of photography and recommend accounts of all kinds, photographers, models, etc.

How could we join and subtract from Instagram?

When a person hits your profile, the first thing they see is your bio, your profile picture, and your username. Many times, these aspects are not taken into account and are not updated, contributing to the stagnation of your account.

If you give it publicity from people that really worth it, here you have to be careful when you like that some people like without reason. We all go through the algorithms, complaining that we did not reach anyone and some they even lose followers. This is because Instagram is deleting quite a few model nude accounts so these accounts often disappear.

Another option is to follow someone expecting that person to follow you too, this option does not really interest us because it is not someone who will support our product. There are also people who have simply stopped attracting your content and nothing really happens, you do not have to change for them.

You are a model do what you like because there will be an audience for it. You have to understand that Instagram is a social network that behaves like a large company but is still a network. And people usually go to the most visual, the morbid or funny and know the private life, that's why there is less percentage of people who really like to have experimental photographers, person shoppers etc in their networks unless they are famous. that there is a change.

What can we do to start?

If you don't have a goal for your Instagram account, it will be much more difficult for you to know what to post. In fact, you can publish a lot of content, but due to not having a clear strategy, you can confuse your followers. Remember that people like consistency and uniformity and that they usually follow similar accounts from the same niche.

The first thing would be to meet the people who follow you and support you. Because they do it, beyond the people you work with and your friends, the real audience.

You must ask yourself the following questions
  • What people would you like to reach and what people are supporting you now?
  • What do you want to be within instagram?
  • Where do you want to take your content?
  • Would you be happy to do what works on instagram to generate more public or not really? What price would you pay?
  • How strong is the community you have built
All those questions are important if you are concerned about the algorithm, the scope, etc., do experiments and if they work on your instagram and you want to continue with what works for you, or you can also experiment, study your account.

Do not compare yourself with other accounts analyze why these accounts are where they are. And experiment with yours until you find your own formula. According to your conclusions you will act accordingly.

Getting your followers to grow organically on Instagram is not an easy task. With all the competition that exists in this social network, you need to be consistent and persistent. The first thing is to specify that as models or influencers. There are people capable of both, but for example there are people who consider themselves to be models rather than influences. We have to do things our way if the people who really follow you support you. It seems useless to complain all the time and the best thing is to find solutions.

In the end instagram is just a network, it is hard to face reality and that if you want to create a company you have to do more than just depend on the network. It is hard to face the reality that you are only supported by a network and that there is a lot of work to do, being affected by followers, etc. We must give importance to what is really important where we have many opportunities and open doors, and it is time to take action and not expect the Instagram network to do everything for us. That this is impossible.
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