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Nine phrases that professional photographers hate to hear

If you are a photographer, especially if you are a professional or have practiced as such on occasion, it is more than likely that you have had to listen to some things that did not make you very happy

Phrases that are said by someone who has little (or no) idea of ​​photography and that can be annoying but there is no other choice but to endure stoically.
They have to do with a certain disregard for the profession , but also with the photographer's hobbies , the rare things that we usually do , which often implies that they see us as strange beings , with normally enormous cameras that, they think, take the photos alone And, on top of that, we have a "magic weapon" called Photoshop that can do almost everything ...

But no, we are just photographers, we love this art and we don't like to be told the following phrases:

What a cool camera, surely it makes great photos!

We start with one of the most repeated topics , which surely we have all heard (even if we are not professionals) if we have a "fairly apparent" camera. A myth, that a good camera takes good photos, which is totally wrong .

Does a good oven make a delicious roast on its own ? Do good scissors ensure a good haircut ? Well, a good camera will only be if you have a good photographer behind it . So if we hear that from a client we can ask them about their profession and if the tools they use would be able to guarantee, on their own, that their work would be successful.

Do you mind bringing your camera and taking some photos?

Another very common topic, " since you are a photographer, you could bring your camera tomorrow to take some photos of my event that does not cost you anything ." We could? Sure we want? Not necessarily. Maybe if the person is very close we will do the favor (offering it as our gift, for example) but that of taking some photos "as you come".

Being a photographer is a profession, and therefore we cannot give away our time or money (we have expenses and taxes to pay). Therefore, as in the previous case, we could respond by turning the subject around and asking the interlocutor if it would be good for them to invite him to a wedding and make him cook, “ since he is a cook ”, to give an example. Like everyone, if we are invited to an event (wedding, communion, baptism, party...) we also have the right to enjoy it without being working.

Then you change this with Photoshop, right?

Another very common topic, which attributes practically unlimited properties to the well-known photo retouching program. It is true that incredible things can be done with Adobe Photoshop , but not everything is possible , and also there are things that require a lot of time and knowledge, something that customers in general do not usually consider (in part, it is true, because they are not aware of the time it can take a complicated touch-up).

The same thing happens, following the previous examples, that with the time you can have behind that delicious dish that they have put in a luxury restaurant. Therefore, our response should be to make him understand that photographic retouching is very time consuming , and that we cannot waste it on minor things or, in the worst case, on something that perhaps would be fine if they had followed our directions at the bottom of the lyrics.

Can you send me all the photos?

A common question this time and it is strictly associated with professional photographers, who after a photo session receive the request from the client to send them all the photos, either in JPEG or even in RAW format. Something that we should refuse outright, and deliver only the finished photos .

Our work must be understood as a whole, a finished product that represents us . Therefore, we are not interested in having unfinished photos that can be associated with our name. More if they want them raw, on top of what that could mean if they want to edit them on their own ... Therefore, following the gastronomic simile, we can argue that giving them the photos in RAW would be as if they delivered all the ingredients in a restaurant of a dish before making it, isn't that what you want, right?

Can you flip the entire black and white image minus this?

It is called selective desaturation , and although it can be a very attractive technique, it is part of those gimmicky touches that we should avoid as much as possible and refuse to do so.

We can argue that they hired us for our personal style , that if they let us work they will surely love the result ... If they insist we can tell them that if we do it the image will have nothing to do with the rest, and that in the long run they will regret ... But If there is no way, maybe you have to give in (be careful, with a single photo) to try to get them out of the error.

I have a good camera, would you give me a discount for using mine?

It is not something very common, but surely someone has happened that they have offered to use their own camera as a way for a report to be cheaper . It seems like a joke, but it can happen, so we should be prepared and refuse outright.

As we said at the beginning in relation to the appearance and / or size of our camera, what a customer buys is a service that includes our style and skills that will end up being reflected in good photographs, not a more or less good camera.

I have seen this on Instagram, can we do it?

It can be annoying, because basically it is possible that they are asking us to put aside our creative vision to copy what others do, that on top of it is probably a trend of social networks (that, on top of it, we may not like at all) .

However, we have to be flexible as much as possible, making it clear to them that we cannot do certain things (for example some that require enormous resources) and convincing them that we can do even better . Of course we can also give in and incorporate some of the ideas into the images, making them feel like they are participating in the creative process.

Do you mind if I take some photos too?

This is very common especially in social events , where everyone wants to capture what happens or some amateur photographer appears with their mobile phone that can hinder us . That is why we must make it clear to our clients that we need to work freely , and that at certain times we cannot stop the process so that no one else takes photos.

Keep in mind that in ceremonies time is usually limited and that it has very clear marked phases. We can remind you that later, at the banquet, you will surely have time to take all the photos you want with everyone and, if it is a wedding, suggest the possibility of unpluging , that is, without mobiles.

How many megapixels does your camera have? My phone has ...

We finish with a topic that both professionals and amateurs can listen to, and that may be repeated a lot now that the Xiaomi mobile phone with a 108 Mpixel sensor from Samsung is already on the market.

As photographers, we know that cameras are better than mobile phones and always will be, but how to explain it to a layman? If we feel like we can try to tell you that the pixels of your mobile do not have much to do with those of our camera but is it worth it?

Ultimately, there are a number of issues that we will likely continue to hear, especially if we are professionals, and they may continue to bother us. So we must be firm in our response , think that it is in human nature to underestimate the complexity of things that are not known and try not to take it to heart , don't you think? Is there anything else you usually hear that bothers you especially?
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