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The best compact cameras on the market in 2020, cameras that dont change the lens

They are digital cameras that do not allow the option to change the lens, but that allow you to take incredible photos traveling, walking, at home or outdoors. 

How can I take good photos with compact cameras? Is a pocket camera worth it? Do compact cameras have good photographic quality? " So I could not resist and here I am writing an article about the best compact cameras on the market in my humble and personal opinion.

To start solving doubts, I want to inform you that compact cameras are those digital cameras that do not allow the option to change the lens . The same happens with the Bridge; however, the compact ones do not usually offer a focal range as extensive as these. The compact market offers an infinity of models with different sizes, qualities and prices, so here I am going to present the models that I am most excited about, divided into price ranges so that it is easier for you to find what you are just looking to be able to do Incredible photographs whether traveling, strolling, at home or outdoors.

The best SLR cameras on the market in 2020

Surely you are wondering why you want a compact camera being able to take photos with your mobile. In my case, I assure you that I take many photos with my mobile, but if you give me a choice, I will always go for a camera , because it’s compact, bridge, mirrorless or reflex camera because the quality is always much better. In addition, you use the mobile to cover many needs and I am sure that more than once you have run out of battery in the mobile and you have regretted  not having other equipment to capture a scene that will never happen again. Come on, there are compact with high quality and very affordable prices that will save you from losing more than one incredible memory.

Best compact camera: Sony HX90

Without a doubt, the compact photography camera that have the highest esteem for is the Sony HX90. It is a camera with 30x magnification, electronic viewfinder and a CMOS sensor of the most interesting for such a small team. It is very comfortable to carry with you because you can carry it even in the pocket of your stored shirt. The fact that it has an electronic viewfinder attracts a lot of attention because not all the cameras in this range usually have it and even more with 30x magnification. Years ago, that meant having a body twice as big.

It is a suitable camera for those photographers who already have an SLR but who need a lighter body and with a powerful enough zoom to always carry it with them. It has a presence sensor that works properly in these electronic viewfinders. The buttons and the menu dial are very similar to those of an SLR, so if you come from that world it will be very comfortable and intuitive. To finish talking about it from an aesthetic point of view, I must add that the built-in grip is great to facilitate grip for those who are used to larger and more robust bodies.

Sony hx90

From its entrails we can highlight the optical image stabilizer that compensates for the unconscious movement of our hands and thus effectively prevents shaky photos or jitter when using the zoom. Also, this way we can use slower shutter speeds. Regarding the ISO, my recommendation is not to raise it to more than 1600, although the Sony HX90 offers the option of raising it to 3200 . Until that number the quality continues to be good. Regarding the dynamic range, sharpness and color depth, I cannot make any complaints considering the price and size of this model.

The only thing that does not convince me of this Sony model is that it does not offer the option to record images in RAW format , a fact that is strange to me since it is a compact mid-high range. However, if you have any doubts take into account its optical viewfinder, its image stabilizer, the SLR-like design, a comfortable dial and 30x zoom. To be a compact it offers for the most part, much larger camera qualities.

Cheap compact cameras (0-300 €)

Leaving my favorite aside, there are several models that are worth noting. In the amateur range ( cameras for less than 300 euros ) we can find a good series of models.

Nikon Coolpix W150 (€ 175)

Now that summer is coming and you want to savor it intensely with your family, you are wondering with which camera it will be worth immortalizing it. This Nikon model is waterproof, compact and of a very manageable size . It is resistant to water, shock, freezing and dust. Come on, it is the dream camera to leave your children being aware that they will endure all the mischief they do. It has a 13.2 megapixel CMOS sensor , a 30-90mm lens with a minimum diaphragm of 3.3. In addition, it records video in Full HD at 30 frames per second .

Being a compact camera for the whole family, its designers incorporated in it an interactive menu for children that offers many options such as adding voice messages to photos, activating welcome screens, making slide shows ... Regarding aesthetics, This Nikon is so flirty that it comes in different bold and fresh colors . Come on, if you have little ones at home and want to get into photography in a fun way, this camera will be your ally throughout the summer.

Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II

It is one of the few compact cameras with a one-inch, twenty-megapixel sensor. But, in addition, its size is so tiny that you can carry it stored in any pocket . The design is striking as it is covered in leather. However, the most remarkable thing about this small and beautiful compact camera is its image quality. When I look at compacts I always look for them to have three essential characteristics: that they shoot in RAW, that they record video and that their sensor has good quality. In the case of this camera, it perfectly meets all the necessary points so that I want to buy it and always have it with me anywhere. Regarding the focal length it covers the distance of 28-84mm with a minimum diaphragm of 2. It also has an ISO sensitivity range that covers from 125 to 12800 and for my taste, it responds very well up to 1600 ISO.

As for the aesthetic design, it is a camera that does not have many buttons or menus . Its use has been greatly simplified and at the back it has a large LCD touch screen that leaves space for only four buttons. At the top, it has two buttons, the shooting mode wheel and the shutter button. If something I miss it is the optical viewfinder , since if you come from the SLR you will find it strange not to have it. But hey, if you are one of those who wants a compact pocket camera, you will have to accept the sacrifice of not having a viewfinder. In short, if you are looking for an extremely light camera to take it everywhere and that also guarantees good results in terms of image quality, here you have it.

Panasonic DMC TZ-80

It is a compact that fits in any pocket and has a 30x optical zoom . In addition, it allows you to take photos up to 18.1 megapixels, record in 4K, save photos in RAW and has WiFi . It weighs about 280 grams. It is very comfortable and light but for the most part it is made of plastic, which does not convince me. Its sensor is smaller than an inch and that will show when raising the ISO sensitivity. From an ISO higher than 1600 you start to notice a lot of noise. A very convenient option is that the battery can be charged directly from the camera with a mobile cable because it has a USB input. It has a range of around 300 photographs.

Its three-inch touch screen works correctly but it is not folding , which limits you a little when it comes to recording yourself or taking selfies. Its electronic viewfinder works very well, but what is very remarkable is the 30x optical zoom that works perfectly except in low light situations. In addition, this Panasonic offers very interesting modes to play such as, for example, being able to change the focus of an image after having done it , timelapse mode, macro mode or some other artistic mode. In summary, it is a compact camera ideal for traveling and enjoying its brutal zoom.

Standard compact cameras (400-700 €)

In the standard range ( cameras between 400 and 700 euros ) we hit a quality jump and we will analyze the following models:


This model is one of the best mid-high-end compact cameras on the market . However, it is not a camera to carry in a pocket since its size is slightly larger than that of lower models. As for its quality, although it is compact, it can match many SLRs in the same price range. If you want to have a high quality camera but that weighs little and thus not have to carry your SLR, here is a great model. Several characteristics of this equipment justify its price, such as a micro four thirds sensor that gives a quality very close to that of DSLR with APSC sensor. The images are of 12.8 megapixels. Its focal length is very bright and covers a range from 24mm to 75mm with a minimum aperture of 1.7 to 2.8f maximum. Come on, the blurs with this little camera are beastly. In addition, the lens is Leica , which guarantees us great quality and sharpness.

The body is metallic and not plastic and the menus are also very comfortable and intuitive to shoot in different modes or manually. It also allows you to record 4K video and has a very good and comfortable electronic viewfinder. The design is classic as in the analog ones . Its grip is very comforting despite its small size. In the lens it contains an automatic lid, which is very useful and practical and so you do not lose caps everywhere. The camera does not have a built-in flashAnd if you want one, you will have to buy an external one. However, I don't see the need for it when you are playing at this photographic level. In short, thanks to the powerful sensor, the bright and clear lens and other features that add to this small compact camera, it seems to me a great match against its competitors.

Canon Powershot G5X

It is a compact camera with a comfortable size to grip. It has a 20.2 megapixel CMOS sensor , a little larger than usual and therefore it will give us better quality. The DIGIX 6 processor allows to bring the camera to an ISO of 12800 with very acceptable noise levels compared to compact cameras in this range. Another important positive aspect is its stabilizer that gives very good results in various situations. Its screen is fully articulable , so if you are a vlogger or like selfies it is very comfortable.

The lens is very bright and off-road as it covers the equivalent range of 24-100mm and the diaphragm ranges from 1.8 to 2.8f, which will allow us to take pictures indoors without losing quality. Shooting modes include manual mode, aperture-priority or speed modes, and record video at 1080 . It is a camera that gives a lot of play creatively. Come on, it has nothing to envy the SLRs in this range. It has a small flash incorporated or an external one can be incorporated. However, it does not bring the option to connect an external microphone . It also has a very good electronic viewfinderIt contains a lot of information and its touch screen is very comfortable and large. The materials with which it is made gives a feeling of good ergonomics. It is a very complete camera in which its luminosity and the ISO capacity that endures with dignity stand out.


Based on the fact that you are not a professional photographer but that you are exquisite in terms of the results of the photographs, I bring you this Fujifilm model. Its creators characterize it as the perfect companion for all your trips. And without a doubt it has many ballots to be. What stands out most about this compact pocket camera is its focal length equivalent to a 24-360mm and its huge touch screen . However, it is not foldable, which limits vloggers and selfie lovers. As for the focal range, as it is so wide its aperture width becomes dim when the maximum zoom is used and it becomes 8.8f. However, it does contain a five-axis stabilizer that offers high-quality results and very little distortion. On the other hand, it contains aOne-inch CMOS sensor and its images are 20 megapixels .

Regarding the menu it is very intuitive, accessible and comfortable and all the buttons are configurable. It also has a flash and a very comfortable grip for the grip. Regarding the electronic viewfinder, it is fine although there are others that respond better. In video it responds very well and records at 4k in 30 frames . The Lumix are very good in this field: therefore, their color, quality and stabilization do not disappoint. This versatile compact camera model allows you to capture a lot of different scenarios both in video and photo, which makes it an ideal equipment for travelers who do not want to leave any memory without immortalizing it.

VIP compact cameras (more than € 700)
In the VIP range ( cameras over 700 euros ) we delve into professional compact camera models that will leave you speechless. Prepare the bibs that you will need:

Panasonic LX100II

The Lumix always has Leica optics that are a positive point of great weight when it comes to opting for a high-level compact camera. Its 24-70mm equivalent focal range responds with great quality. The body is very compact and similar to the LX100. The 17 megapixel sensor responds very well and the body offers the possibility to change the format (square, three halves, four thirds ...) from the lens ring. In this same ring you can also change the diaphragm in a comfortable way that is reminiscent of old analog cameras. The rest of the buttons are configured at the top in a very manageable way.

It is a pocket camera that you quickly get used to with its buttons and it is suitable for both professional photographers looking for a camera to take everywhere and for amateurish  looking to improve their creativity. Regarding zoom, it has two zoom systems . One that works by pressing a lever and placing the distance where we want and another that what it does is that pressing the button takes you to the most used distances in the photographic world. For example, the 24, the 35, the 50 and the 75mm. This will greatly facilitate various obstacles that block our creativity.

For the rest, it works very well, in the macro it knows how to get sparks off the stage and the zoom responds perfectly in all kinds of situations. The screen is touch but fixed, which is a problem for bloggers. Also, it has no microphone input . Regarding the battery it gives for about 250 photos and I advise you to always carry two batteries to avoid running out of power to continue capturing what is happening around you. As for the approach it is very good and you can see that it’s camera is much more thought for taking photos than for video. In short, its quality, aesthetics and final result have enchanted me and it is a great better . We could summarize it as a high quality compact camera with a very small weight and size that you can use for reports of all kinds.


It is a compact camera that, of all the ones I have named in this article, is the only one that has a 35mm 2.8F fixed focal length with a very classic design as it is usually in all models of this brand. Its viewfinder is hybrid and can be optical or digital depending on the needs you want to satisfy. It has a 24 megapixel sensors  like that of its wonderful older sister who plays in the league of the mirrorless: the XT2 . Therefore, its quality jump is impressive. The processor has also evolves  and it shows in its fast burst of eight frames per second and in its speed when turning on and in the rest of the options. As for aesthetics, it has a super comfortable joystick it makes focusing easier and has a very practical menu for shooting in any mode. In addition, it has a continuous focus option that has improved a lot compared to its predecessors.

This Fuji also records video, although we know that this brand focuses much more on photography. It records at 1080p and it does not do badly, although we know that this is not its forte. Hence not even a direct button in the menu to record. The autonomy of the battery is a little limited to 300 shots and the lens cap is not very comfortable. But these few disadvantages squeak slightly compared to its spectacular benefits. It is difficult to find someone who does not like this camera. This Fuji X100F is like that friend that everyone loves and who everyone wants to be with.

Sony RX 100 VII

We have before us one of the fastest compact cameras on the market . It has a lens with a focal range of 24-200mm (equivalent to full frame) with a f2.8 aperture. So in a small body you have the possibility to cover a very large visual field . In addition, the lens itself contains a ring that allows you to focus manually, a very useful aspect especially for those who want to record video. Its folding screen 180º up and 90º down is a delight for both vloggers I  and selfie lovers. As for its aesthetics, although this camera has not changed much compared to its younger sister, it does have a significant modification and improvement: the incorporation of audio  input for microphone . I suppose that the brand listened to the complaints of its users and decided to solve them with this incredible model.

Inside it has a one-inch sensor that generates 20.1 megapixel images . And speaking of the images, their quality in terms of colors, dynamic range ... It is very good. It also responds very well in low light situations. As for the video, Sony goes out of the established and offers a very high dynamic range thanks to the wide variety of color profiles it offers. Records in 4K at 24fps and 1080p at 60 and 120 frames per second , ideal for slow-motion videos. Regarding auto focus, it responds very well and follows the person who focuses with the human eye or animal eye in the event that it is necessary to follow wildlife. This feature has positioned it as the ideal camera for youtubers.

Another feature that Sony has added is that it offers the possibility of recording vertically and thus save you time to convert the videos later in post-processing with the computer. Its burst is beastly and closely resembles what the mirrorless Sony Alpha IX offers, as it allows 90 photos per second. We also have the possibility of recording in HFR (High Frame Rate) that allows you to record videos up to 960 frames per second. On the other hand, its stabilizer is very good both in video and in photo.

All this equipment is so simple and easy to use that it greatly enhances creativity since you have no obstacles to achieve what you want to capture. This camera can have different users, but I think that if you are looking to record videos at any time and want quality and ease of use, this camera will satisfy you in all aspects. In short, it is a small pocket camera with features that position it next to the most giant ones.

Compact cameras don't allow the option to change the lens, but they are a great solution to carry around and achieve great results.
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