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The best tips to always look pretty in your portraits as a model and actress.

A fashion photographer also knows beauty tips that will take years off your face and you will look twice as pretty in your book portraits as a model
You already know that a bad choice can add years to your portraits, so if you want this to not happen, we will see how to look beautiful and instead of adding we will subtract years in our portraits for your book as a model.

Do not say no to the use of glasses
If you need them, do not dispense with them since normally, when a person takes off his glasses, he tends to strain his eyes and frown, causing wrinkles to appear on the forehead. Today in the market there are many spectacular frames, you just have to search and find the one that you look most beautiful. Keep in mind that curved lines, rimless frames, and neutral hues greatly soften the characteristic features of a face.

Wear your best smile

Having a white and well-aligned denture is beautiful and always takes attention and years off of you. If you do not have it, you can usually help yourself with the use of whitening toothpastes, before your photo session. But you can also distract attention from your portraits, using brightly colored lipsticks, such as pink, red or plum.

Perfect Eyebrows

Sparsely populated eyebrows give a more natural effect, but always wear them well groomed and defined. Too thin they impoverish your look, also if you shave them too much you will weaken the hair and little by little it will stop growing. What you always have to wear is a good eyebrow design, if you are not able to do it yourself there are places where they do them very well and then you just have to follow yourself with the maintenance.

Daily routine for your skin

The day before any session it is good to clean your skin, but it is even more important to make that a daily routine with very little. During the day: a facial cleaning is essential as soon as you wake up, using a toner afterwards is a very good option, taking care of the contour of your eyes, especially if you have bags or dark circles, the use of serum or ampoules becomes an obligation, the use of a moisturizer (depending on the skin type, and with a little sun protection). During the night: A double facial cleansing, the use of a moisturizing tonic, re-care of the eye contour with blisters or serums, and the use of night moisturizers, will complement skin care and you will always have it ready for your session of pictures.

Take care of your hair

The act of washing our hair also requires your routine, because it will be reflected in the portraits you take, whether they are professional or your own as selfies. Brushing it before washing manages to remove accumulated dirt, undo tangles and remove hair that is in the fall phase, thus making it look healthier and more natural. Do not hesitate to do a double wash. The first to remove everything that has been applied previously and the second so that this cleaning reaches depth. The use of exfoliating shampoos massacring the scalp and roots is a good idea whenever you use a mask afterwards to keep the hair in good condition. 

Highlight your gaze

Do not dispense with a mascara even a little bit, before your photo session, apply an eyelash strengthening product every night since over time they weaken and appear scarcer.

The cleavage is always 10

Yes friend, you want this part of the body to have very fine skin, with a few little tips you will always have it perfect. Therefore, do an exfoliation the week before your photo session, so you could get rid of impurities, hydrating afterwards with a morning cream. Don't forget that if you have a little bit of sun protection better.

Give your hair movement

When you are fully in the session, move the hair, the bangs will give a childish touch, and will help you to hide the wrinkles between the eyebrows. Also leaving some loose strand laterally conceal the loss of the facial egg.

Prevents frizz whenever possible

If there is anything that makes your hair to have poor appearance with loose hair, if you do not have stylists in your photo shoot, conditioners use and masks the night before to avoid rebellious hair.

The Very straight hair hardens the face

If before I meant to take care of it and straighten it, you have to take into account that if your hair is dark in color, it is better to have it with waves that soften the face and with a paraded cut you will rejuvenate your face a lot.

Say yes to the collected

Like pigtails, buns, and other types of gathered, they stylize the neck, but be careful that they are not serious, better get yourself casual, let loose some lock, as I said before. ..
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