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Top tips from a fashion photographer for placing your hands when you are posing

A portrait is more than just a photo of a pretty face, and in which there is a very important element, his hands. 
At the moment of truth, the model often does not know what to do with their hands, and if the fashion photographer does not help, this can become a problem.

Properly placed, the hands can transmit a lot while if they are placed incorrectly, they can easily ruin a portrait.

So we have to be very careful with how our hands are placed when they are going to take pictures of us. That if we must know something of posing and mistakes that we must avoid, in order to pose as relaxed as possible in front of the camera.

As a photographer myself, I usually give the necessary advice or advice so that the portrait causes more sensation. Especially when it comes to non-professional or inexperienced models.

What is the key to laying hands?

When it comes to placing your hands, as you can suppose, it is to manage to transmit naturalness, and that our body looks harmoniously, and that is to make the hands be in a natural position and do not take on more hard work.

Ideally, especially in the female case, the hands appear soft, elegant, and delicate. To achieve this, it is basic and essential to be relaxed, so that you can keep your hands without tension.

Another trick is to bend the wrists by making a slight bend, but only a slight bend, because the right angles to the joints transmit tension, unless they are supported by something.

So the slightly bent wrists offer a more relaxed look and help you release tension from the image.

To help keep your hands delicate, a good trick is to make sure that the back of the hand is not visible (because it is wider, and less elegant to say the least).

Are there more tricks for my hands when posing?

Of course, of course, another of the simplest but very effective tricks is to hold something with your hands, because visually for the photo it is attractive and you will have more confidence in yourself.

The object can be anything, but be careful, look for something that is familiar to you and that helps characterize you in photography.

Why use your hands in the inn?

The hands and arms can easily become a source of visual lines that point in a specific direction and this must be taken care to avoid breaking the harmony of the composition, so it is very important to rehearse the poses even in front of a mirror. This way we will avoid that the viewer's gaze in the photo does not get lost towards places that do not interest us and focuses on you, the protagonist.

I said at the beginning of this article that the hands can say a lot, perhaps more than any other part of the body portrayed.

So if you have special hands give them the prominence they deserve, because they will characterize you better and offer something different from what we are used to.

The most important thing, as I said, is to achieve naturalness in the pose, so you should avoid doing something strange with your hands, be sure to put them where you normally would.

Otherwise, the result could be seen as planned or artificial, unless that is the main idea of ​​the pose, it does not help the hands to play a good role and therefore achieve a good final result.

Have you tried posing on the move?

We tend to associate the laying of the hands with being still like a statue. But you can pose moving, doing some action, such as dancing, for example. This helps a lot to avoid stiffness of the body and joints and avoids forced postures.

It simply consists of making smooth and continuous movements, not too fast, to achieve naturalness in our hands while the photographs are shot.

Although this does not mean that improvisation should be abused. We must also control the back and see what movement is more appropriate to achieve the type of image we want them to make.

With a well-directed movement gesture we will achieve fluency, always looking for a natural movement, without too much speed, for which we can rehearse it several times until it comes out naturally but without forgetting the important details mentioned above ...
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