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How to assist an amateur fashion photographer when you are profesional model

Normally, for a fashion photographer, portraying inexperienced people can be an odyssey if they do not know how to pose or position a model.

Amateurs vs. Professionals

The situation worsens if it is our friends who act as photographers. Or anyone who contacts us through social networks and TFCD groups.

That's when the damn questions come from, What do I do ?, How do I put myself? ... And in your mind you only think: what am I saying ?, Why did I convince you to take pictures of myself? ...

Endless questions, of which you just want to find a solution. That is when you invent something to get out of trouble, but your self knows that it does not work (sometimes it does, but they are few).

Frustrating situation, but not difficult.

Therefore, I am going to leave you some tricks based on my experience (and believe me, a person who has taken many photos of her friends) tells you how they should direct the photographer and not die trying.

1. Research, find out what kind of photographs you want them to take. Look for reference photos of both models and photographers. This can help you a lot, to relax, when doing the session.

2. Start a conversation, to get to know each other better, so that you can establish a connection and «trust». It can be current affairs, personal or of interest. This will make you complicity and release that initial tension that two unknown people have. This step is essential, because it depends on you how the environment will flow during the entire non-professional session.

3. Create your good atmosphere. By this I mean that you put on music, bring something to snack / drink during the session and during breaks, that the good vibes continue to flow.

4. Once you have entered "confidence" and are going to start the session, it is time to analyze your body and the light that will be used. For example, I usually look at the person's body and ask them what their good profile is (we all have one) and based on those details, I start working.

5. Something you have to take into account is the place where they are going to take the photos. Analyze it and in conjunction with the work you have done before, surely you can get some good posing ideas.

6. Don't be in a hurry and do some tests on various poses. So you can, afterwards, visualize which are the best and with which salts you are favored.

7. Once you have started the session, if there is something that does not convince you, such as the poses, or the expression on your model's face, say so! Tell him how it would look better. Always in a polite and friendly tone.

8. As a last tip: Have fun, transmit good vibes, make jokes from time to time, tell some funny anecdote. This will make you have fun and your photographer too. Believe me, she will thank you.

Professional advice from a Fashion Photographer so that your session flows smoothly:

1. Use words or phrases of encouragement: how cool !, I love it, what a photographer! ... This will help the photographer to have more confidence in themselves (who does not like to be complimented? ) and that way you let him know what he is doing a good job of.

2. Don't be disrespectful @. It can give a bad image for a model, you never know if that fan will become a benchmark in your city.

3. Be nice, you will make him feel more comfortable. It is also free.

4. In relation to the beginning of the conversation, that it be held until the end of the session. It will help the photographer to have a more relaxed session and in conjunction with the music, it will not only focus her camera or the lights.

5. Finally, make all the terms clear before the session, always requiring the signing of the photographic contract and the type of session, to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

At the Professional Level

At a professional level, things change, it is the photographer who is in charge of observing, studying, and creating both the environment and the lighting, which best suits you, your features, your body type, and above all, your character on camera.

A professional fashion photographer, he works fully in the fashion world, with which he has enough contacts, that can be useful for you to get some other job.

Think that investing in quality images, and professional level will always be better to do it with a professional fashion photographer than with a friend who just bought a new camera, latest generation and does a thousand things.

They can be a good complement to your photo book, but they can never substitute or be the most representative to sell yourself as a professional model.

In the world of fashion photography, contacts and studio sessions take precedence over amateur sessions or meetings in parks and beaches, where the lighting conditions are very irregular and changing.

So let me advise you and tell you to invest in yourself, in your image, and in your images, if you really want to take this seriously and get worthwhile paid jobs.

I hope these tips from a professional fashion photographer will help you in your future amateur photo shoots, so you don't die trying, or give up on your dream of becoming a professional model.
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