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Nine reasons not to regret not hiring a professional fashion photographer

One of the basic tips that I always give to all models and designers is that they do not skimp on choosing a good fashion photographer for a test session or for their catalog.
It is clear that we all know a friend who has a SLR camera or a latest generation smartphone and would be delighted to do us the favor of taking photos of our book or for social networks. He is not professional, but he seems to be good at taking photos, and he also does it for free. As much as you love your friend and very well that he knows how to take photos, it is clear that it cannot be compared to the work that a professional in the sector would do. There are many platforms that highlight the importance of hiring professionals for these jobs, highlighting the importance of investing in hiring a freelance professional photographer.
1. It is the first step for you to consider yourself professional

No matter how many years pass, you will be able to relive your triumph over and over again. Perhaps, as happened to me, you do not care about it at that time but I assure you that nothing captures your customers better than a good video or a good photograph of your products, their textures or your illusion as a model.
2. Professional photos and video convey everything you don't see.

It's your image, of course, and that's why you surround yourself with people you trust the most.
Millions of things are happening around you that you are not aware of, but a professional photographer is.
And thanks to artificial lighting you can discover or hide all the magical ambient light and details that escaped you at that time.
3. Only then will you have the answer to how to get quality photos yourself.

One thing is clear, there is nothing worse than light-hearted, overexposed, unbound or out-of-plane photos. Professional fashion photographers not only make sure to offer a quality service, but we are also able to capture the essence of the product, the illusion of the look, the texture of your design, that pose that has only lasted for a fraction of time.
4. It is not just something for you or your brand, it is also for your friends and clients

Without them your work does not make sense, and you will be enormously grateful to be part of a community. Who does not want to tell on their social networks that they are working professionally with a renowned photographer, with a spectacular model, preparing the new catalog of the season? And all thanks to simple professional photographs.
5. You make sure that everything works out.

Professionalism is more than having a good camera, or many studios, it is knowing what to do at all times.
It is not just about capturing the pose, or the product itself, it is necessary to do a previous job before and also after.

The post-production work, the methodology, the backups, the care and calibration of the equipment, ... are just some of the aspects that are beyond people's control. In addition to knowing where and how to place, place the product to get, tell a story with the photo, and thus stop to see it longer. Having a professional attitude throughout the work and advising through advice, thanks to their training and experience, is something that your friend cannot do all the time.
6. Take into account aspects that are overlooked

By having a more general and constantly recycled vision, at a professional level, one notices things that many people overlook.

Knowing what to do and how it should be done to take that shot that you have proposed, take care of the light, the backgrounds, the frames, and the distances are aspects that a professional does not miss.
7. Know how to anticipate

Do you have an idea of ​​how many catalogs or photo sessions a professional does?
In the end they all always have the same structure, following similar guidelines, so it is perfectly known how to plan the moment to get this photo that will break.
8. He knows how to guide to get the best out of you or your garment.

Fears and stage fright are over. One thing I assure you, if you hire a professional it will make you feel comfortable from minute one.
He will meet you at a previous meeting so you will no longer be unknown.

In addition, it will guide you throughout the project, helping you to relax and giving instructions on how to pose or what text you take to put in the publication when you do it. You will be like home!
9. It is the reflection with which your brand will be seen

 It is useless to invest in quality of materials, suppliers, beauty treatments and diets, if they are not reflected in your photographs.
There is no point in investing in some things and not in what is really going to attract clients, or future paid jobs. The image of your brand as a designer, or your own personal brand as a model must be exquisite in order to attract the maximum target audience, and try to convert them into sales that is your purpose.

So trust in a fashion photographer and specialist advertising is key to achieving your goals.
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