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Top ten tips from a fashion photographer to become a professional model

It is one of the most popular professions among young women. Top ten tips that a professional fashion photographer can offer you if you really want to become a top model.
You want to get on a catwalk, continually travel, dress in the designs of well-known dressmakers and pose for the great fashion photographers, to become one of the most admired faces in the world. 

It is not an easy road. 

According to the professionals in this field, to achieve this, you must follow ten golden rules. If these recommendations are not followed, you can suffer deception and monetary scams, one of the great dangers of this profession. In any case, one should not be obsessed with becoming a magazine cover, or parading in Cibeles, remember that what is important is the path, not the goal. 

Top ten tips from a fashion photographer for you, a future model:

1. As soon as you access this world, it is important to be advised by a professional in the sector. The more she knows the medium, the better she will direct the career of the young woman and the better jobs she will get. 

2. It is very important to have a good book -set of photos of the model. At first, it is better that the photos are varied. Therefore, it is essential to contact a good professional in the audiovisual sector. Once inside the profession, the work carried out will expand that book, both in quantity and quality.

3. We must be aware that the profession of modeling is ephemeral. Therefore, care must be taken with the decisions that are made and their possible future repercussions, such as having surgery or losing excessive weight. Also, it is good to have scheduled what to do once castings and catwalk or advertising work are scarce. 

4. Innate physical qualities are essential to be a model. For example, you have to have good skin and an expressive face, among other qualities. On the other hand, if what interests you is to dedicate yourself to the catwalk, you must have a minimum height of 1.65 meters for girls and approximately 1.75 meters for boys.

5. You have to know how to adapt to the beauty canon that prevails at all times. The fashion world is constantly changing and the features that are preferred at a certain time soon after can change radically.

6. Trying to train and perfect yourself is always good to be a good professional. A successful option is to enroll in a modeling school, where various courses are taught, all of them aimed at training future models. Here we can find everything from hairdressing and makeup courses to protocol.

7. You have to know the environment in which you are going to work and realize that you have to take it seriously if you want to succeed. It is not a hobby, but a profession.

8. You must have enough strength and character not to lower yourself by getting a job. You have to be clear that being a model is not everything. Therefore, there is no doubt about what are the limits that you are not willing to exceed.

9. Be aware that working as a model is a tough profession, although at first glance it may not seem like it. Among other things, it must be taken into account that you may be traveling continuously, which separates you from your family, or that you can experience many stressful situations.

10. Be prepared to face possible dangers. In many occasions, the promises that are made, and for which considerable amounts of money are disbursed, are not kept. Regarding this topic, experts advise to be careful with those ads that "look for models" by advertising on social networks, newspapers or through pamphlets posted on the streets. 

Take the profession seriously 

So I want to emphasize taking this profession seriously, which being very sacrificed, is undoubtedly very satisfying. To do things well, you must work with true professionals in the sector, TFCD sessions and sessions are good to start or try new things, but I doubt that they offer you such good images that you can include them in our book, although some can complete it.

You must think, that if you do not take your modeling profession seriously, but instead make a quality investment in your photographs, which are the ones that are going to sell you as a professional. Believe me, I doubt that you will pass on collaborations and catwalks that will not pay you anything, that only serve to burn you and that you will discover that it is a business that will only be profitable for the organizers. Your portfolio must be made up of good photographs, serious, varied, and above all with very careful lighting. Obviously, that level of quality cannot be offered by people who buy a camera and do exchange sessions.

A professional team, both cameras and lenses, maintaining a photo studio, own website, computers, ... not to mention the amount of studies and knowledge that a professional fashion photographer must face is very expensive.

But it is that plus of quality, experience and above all of contacts, they are the ones that will serve you to offer something different from what your own colleagues in your area do.
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