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How we define the impact of negative body language for a fashion photographer

The power of our body language is almost infinite when it comes to transmitting sensations or emotions to those who are looking at us.
We live in a context where fashion influences day by day making us slaves of current trends, creating behaviors that are outside of a normal act, this is how the media works. Some are used to inform and educate, but others due to alliances with companies or their own interests create a state of alienation over people. Fashion photography is nothing more than a marketing tool created to show the latest in fashion in order to sell, making people identify with the clothes and follow a lifestyle out of their reach or reach. Fashion photographers are changing along with the evolution of society. Although sometimes we do not realize it, it is present in every aspect of our existence.

We can think that fashions are an attempt to equalize the existing differences in people, since as human beings we do not like inequality, we need to feel integrated into the environment. Due to social changes and cultural differences, people look for ways to communicate or transmit a message through their actions or some express their thoughts in creations such as art. Although we can never speak of "incorrect" body language, we can detect certain gestures that our brain links to negative or uncomfortable emotions and that we must avoid in our portraits. 

Crossed arms

The most common gesture in corporate portraits is crossed arms, although paradoxically, this pose is one of the most protective gestures we have. By protecting our torso we are projecting an attitude of defense, which can be interpreted as discomfort or rejection of the situation. Although, in general, we have become so used to this pose in corporate portraits that in most cases we "correct" what our brain tells us here. So why is the crossed arms pose used so much? Causes security and tranquility in the model. Our brain even generates oxytocin when we stand in this pose, to give us peace of mind. You maintain a position of power, marking the distance.

It is a good pose to mark the posture of the shoulders and make the biceps bigger visually.
And depending on the context, it can be understood as a sign of authority. 

Lock gestures

Like crossed arms, there are other lock gestures that are not as common in portrait photos. 
Rubbing movements. Touching or playing with any access such as handkerchiefs, necklaces, watches, ... Press the lips. Squeeze your fingers. All these gestures also release oxytonics in our brain and generate tranquility in a stressful situation such as a photo shoot.

So if you catch them in a conversation or casting meeting, you should either interpret the rest or try to soften the conversation with your body language. 

Naturalness in front of the camera

Another very common phrase among portrait, fashion and advertising photographers (and which we know never works) is the typical "act naturally, as if I were not there". 
Great! And how the hell can I miss you pointing a camera at me and staring at me all the time? Well, we know that what works best to avoid that tension is naturalness, the best way to achieve it is by connecting with the photographer to bring out that good side.

In my sessions I always try to give few instructions to the other side of the camera, but when I do, I try to help by teaching the pose that can best come. Acting in a "mirror" mode or teaching the pose with the mobile or a book is a way of empathizing with the other person and generating a connection. In general, as human beings, we are better at imitating than processing new information. and this is the best way to start. Many of these tips I have been learning from experts such as Danielle (Dee) Libine, a Canadian photographer specialized in body language. Many models tell me about their personal style, that they are like that, and their poses are always the same and further from reality, personal styles are a luxury that not all of us can afford.

Only the greatest have the luxury of breaking the rules and having a sufficient audience to have enough jobs to allow them to continue to live fully off their passion.
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