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The best fashion advice is not to waste time if you want to be a model or an actress

The main problem that a person who wants to dedicate himself to be a model or actor or actress has is that there is no really valid course.

It is a profession in which you learn by working
But while the most beautiful part - posing, walking, appearing on the covers of magazines, series or movies - is known to everyone, there are thousands of details that are not so obvious. I article we will tell you some. Being a model or actress In general, models should have some basic notions of law because they are frequently signing contracts. Especially since the LGPD entered. And on some occasions, they believe that these contracts are absolutely binding on them, while on others they fail to fulfill them, ignoring the risks.

A person dedicated to the world of fashion or entertainment should be able to distinguish the work of a professional photographer from disasters made by an amateur or someone who claims to be professional (I don't want to offend anyone just generalize). Not being able to distinguish these details can cause you to lose many hours of work in sessions that you think will provide you with some valid material and that later are. Novice photographers rarely get really professional results, there is no doubt, they do not have the pressure of taxes, deadlines, and they can allow themselves to grow their creativity in very very beautiful and creative sessions.

The opportunities that a starting model has, in this case, are not to be missed: if you go to an agency, show them the best you can give, not a badly framed photo, worse edited, poorly lit and with a pose and expression that is not favor you. Those situations could prevent you from being a model. But don't be discouraged: it can be solved with good photos. But you already know that the first impression happens only once. Don't waste your ammo. Perhaps you think that you do not know how to educate your taste to learn to distinguish some things from others. You can compare top fashion magazines like Vogue or Elle, for example, with all the photos you have from photoshoots.

You learn more by understanding what should not be done than what should be done. In the first way mistakes are avoided, while in the second way it is "probable" to get hits. Find your place There are many types of models. That's why you have to improve your acting (you can look for acting courses, but avoid modeling courses, which are usually a total scam). Take care of your physical shape, your diet and try to work well as a team. And of course, your specific skills: if you dance, practice a sport or have a peculiarity that can make a positive difference, it is important that you exploit it and take advantage of it.

If you want to dedicate yourself to being an advertising model, it is best that you take some acting classes, as they will help you prepare the role you need to play in the advertisement in question. Invest in yourself In your physical form, in your skin, in your images that will be the ones that will open the door to castings or paid jobs. Images are your cover letter, your resume, and your most powerful tool. Therefore, arming yourself with a good, complete book, and above all going to renew it every six months or a year, is key to being able to dedicate yourself to this. Do not be angry There will be times when no matter how hard you try, you will not be selected for paid jobs, do not worry, it is not your problem.

Ask and learn, why you have not been selected, try to find out why that decision and how you can solve it for the next time. And above all, start thinking about what you can do, to be better, invest time and resources in acting courses, posing, photographs, etc. Look for alternatives If you find yourself in a difficult situation, look for a momentary exit, as an idea, you can teach and share everything you know as I do. Both free and paid. In the world of fashion and entertainment, there are always people who know everything, and people who know nothing, take advantage of that strength you have and show it to the world.

Remember that time is limited, for example for the world of modeling, unless a brand looks for normal and real people (more and more), because they seek to attract attention. There are trends and canons regarding each union, for example to be a model we all know that the optimal age is 15 to 25 years. Therefore, it does not mean that you are not worth it, in fact I believe that it is when you have really learned the profession and give all the knowledge and experience that you have. But the market rules, and that's why I have written this article, so you don't waste time, because if you don't have enough height to parade, participating in local parades in a collaborative way is wasting time.

Time that you can dedicate to learning interpretation, posing, body and facial expressiveness, learning to sell yourself,
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