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The best fashion tips to correctly choose your style as a model, tips by photographers

The following tips, from a fashion photographer, can help you develop a personal style and exploit it to the fullest when you want to be a model or take a photo shoot.

Personal discovery is a process in constant learning in which we get to know each other daily and notice changes due to alterations in our environment in order to adapt to it, as people with particular tastes. We listen to different artists during our lives until a revelation falls on which is the genre we prefer or the music that we are closer to in a more personal way. The same is true of cinema, art, literature and fashion. In the case of fashion photographers, fashion allows us to extend our body and identify ourselves as individuals in this universe full of diversity.

In some of the sessions that I do with non-professional models, and who dream of one day being one, some come with ridiculous outfits trying to find their style ... and failing spectacularly. Indie, punk, goth, hippie, preppy, mod looks appear throughout our history and we turn it around but cannot find something that fits them perfectly and that, as fashion photographers, we can take as a statement of individuality. Many times achieving a personal style does not depend on approaching a trend, but on looking deeply at our personality and the environment to adapt it. 1. INSPIRATE Creating an outfit or style is close to creating a work of art. We need inspiration to learn about new elements and produce something that we are most proud of.

Observing the catwalks is a basic way, but finding relationships between the rest of the artistic expressions and the fashion usually have better results. by having a broader culture, focus attention on garments that have a more personal meaning or connection with us. Looking for ideas on the internet and in magazines can also help you find new uses for forgotten clothes or accessories in the back of your closet. 2. KNOW YOUR BODY A very common mistake is to overestimate how the body influences the outfit. If the clothes go well together but it doesn't look good on the figure, then it's a lost outfit. Knowing our physiognomy well, identifying what parts they can tell and what others we can hide will influence to a large extent when selecting clothes.

Learning about the effects of color on the body will also result in great combinations, something that fashion photographers take into account a lot. 


It is basic and essential. Many times identity is lost by sticking to a specific style, since it does not completely match our way of thinking. If we externalize the ideas we have, we can even adapt certain styles and mix them into a new one so that it has that extension that I was talking about at the beginning. Creating art is giving what we have inside and implementing it into something bigger 


You have to constantly check your closet. Clothes that are old or that no longer have a place in an outfit definitely have to go outside.

To create a personal style we must have more objectivity and judge what we have in the closet. Identify what looks good and what doesn't, to find new opportunities and not cling to garments that are not part of our personality or that can no longer be elements of the new outfits that we create. 5. WEAR CLOTHES THAT FIT You Not only do I mean wearing clothes that are too small, but also too big. If we have already started to know our body, we know which are the most appropriate sizes for it. Of course, if someone's personal style requires it, they can experiment with sizes; But if we are looking for something more specific, we must remember that the design of the clothing is in accordance with the size and is thought of the different types of physiognomies.


Once you identify your style that you are going to adopt for your photo session, it is essential to have all the basics of that type of look. If you are looking for the biker girl, your look should have a leather jacket, or if we want something more summery, short flower dresses should be at hand. If we commit to a look we need those basics to make sure we create a constant line and that the photo session is a success. 7. FOLLOW THE FASHION EXPERTS Fashion experts and specialist bloggers no longer focus on classic trends, but instead focus on alternative looks.

Social networks are the main place where we can find ideas, where they also offer advice for young people like you who are beginning to take the profession seriously, and who seek to invest in good photographs to better sell themselves as a model, or to have content professional in their different profiles. 8. DON'T FORGET THE IMPORTANCE OF ACCESSORIES Necklaces, bracelets, bags, bows, bowties, scarves, ... See which ones fit perfectly with the style you are looking for and fill your suitcase with them, since they will allow you to link different combinations and options so as not to wear out the image and be able to renew it well in advance. By introducing them in your portraits, you can experiment and discover other combinations and poses with which they will be perfect.


constantly notice how some people do not dare to establish their own look due to lack of security and good self-esteem. If you are unsure of your outfit, someone who knows the subject can help before you do the photo session with your chosen fashion photographer. Although I have a great time selecting and combining the garments of my clients, daring to come out with a more innovative or unusual outfit, thus increasing courage. 10. BE YOURSELF @ It is useless to create a personal style if you do not have your own element. It is an extension, so we should not insert foreign ideas unless we have a connection.

A free personality means a more open expression and each time someone observes the result of the session, they will see the complete work: a joint creation between model and fashion photographer
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