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Tips so that your feet do not hurt in your photo session of model or filming actress

Fashion photographers are used to trying and photographing footwear since they are the most used and demanded accessories.

Although they were initially used by men in the Middle Ages.

Currently, heels are a distinctive of the most feminine.

It is said that by primitive instinct, men see women in heels more attractive because they look fragile, and make an analogy with gazelles and their predators.

Personally I think there is no more foolish comparison.

Wearing heels is a difficult task, which requires a lot of strength and endurance.

The heels should be a symbol of the work and determination of each woman and each model; at the end, a pair of sneakers are worn by the model who wears them.

A photoshoot with heels is a complicated and tiring job for many, but these tips from a fashion photographer who is fully dedicated to it will make it easier for you to use them without sacrificing the comfort of your feet, in your next photo session. .


If you spend a lot of time sitting or standing, when you do the photo sessions, it is very likely that your feet will swell after some time.

When wearing Dude Heel shoes, make sure you are wearing the correct size; If they are smaller, your feet will swell more, but if they are large, they will look bad and walking will become an odyssey.

A trick to choosing the correct shoes is to try them on at the end of the day before, the moment your feet are the most swollen, this way you will avoid being injured on the day of the session.


Huge heels are sexy and any woman looks good in them in a photo shoot, but it is very rare to find a girl who can put up with them during a long day of modeling photography work.

You can help your feet a little by using platforms with a thin rubber sole in the front of the shoe, and whenever they allow it.

In this way, the blow of each step, and the hours of standing while you pose, will be lighter for your feet, because the incline will be less and you will avoid getting tired so soon.


Provide more support to your steps and poses by adding cushion or gel insoles to the front of the sole of the foot.

There are many options in the supermarket, you can always take them with you for a photo session or parade, and they will surely be your salvation if you want to last with your heels on all day long.


Don't let your feet guide your steps and poses, let your legs make the effort.

In addition to helping you strengthen them, your feet will rest from that responsibility.

Maybe at first you will have to focus a lot to achieve this, but with practice you will do it naturally.

Give it a try at your next photoshoot and your feet will thank you.


If you have heels that hurt you, take them to a shoemaker to have them molded a bit; Explain exactly where they hurt you, so that in the end they don't give them too much of themselves and they get loose.

Make sure it is a trustworthy place with quality work so that they are not deformed.

In short, just like hiring a fashion or portrait photographer, it is always better to choose confidence and professionalism than a lower price.


Knowing the type of foot you have will help you choose the correct footwear for your session.

The height of the arch may be responsible for those shoes you love causing so much pain.

Go to a podiatrist and ask for their assistance to find out what type of heels to wear and what height is ideal for you.

And you can also check the best tips to calculate the height of your heels here.


After finishing the photographic day on heels, and even if you have changed them regularly, take a few moments to massage the muscles and skin of your feet.

They deserve it.

Use circular movements, up or down.

This will improve circulation, give your feet a rest, and they will be ready again in the morning.


Cover your ring and middle toes with tape. It's a ballet trick.

With this trick you can last all day with those heels that you like so much.


Because it avoids pressure on the nerve that passes between these two fingers.

The tape prevents too much weight from being loaded and completely reduces the pain that this can cause.


Fortunately, they are a current trend, doing sessions with fashion photographers wearing wide heels, so take advantage and use them as much as you can or allow.

The thinner a heel, the more discomfort and pain it causes.

Platforms are also an excellent option with which you look feminine without hurting your feet.

But we don't always do sessions for ourselves in which we pay we can demand.


If you are new to taking pictures in high shoes, you can start by wearing heels with straps that give you more security when posing or walking.

If you feel your foot wobble, it is very likely that you will fall, stumble your shoes or trip.

Feeling insecure will not help you at all in your photoshoot or parade.

There are many footwear that can offer you greater security and do not represent any problem.

The heels should be right in the middle of the heel. if they are at the top, forget them no matter how beautiful they are, they will cause you a lot of problems while you are using them.

If your photo shoot or show is in the afternoon or evening, the best advice a fashion photographer can give you is to wear ballet flats throughout the day.

Pamper your feet, invest in them and in return they will allow you to look much sexier in photos.

Remember the advice of a fashion photographer who spends a lot of time photographing shoes, use footwear that makes you feel good and confident, heels will always contour your figure, make you taller and visually attractive, find the right ones for you, and that adapt to your style of posing or parade, and especially your personality.
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