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Five questions to ask yourself if you think you have failed as a model or actress

As a fashion and portrait photographer I have realized that the biggest fear that haunts the models and actresses who are starting out is the fear of failure..

Even many of the frustrations that exist today in the world of fashion or entertainment are the product of this fear of losing and failing.

A large number of models and actresses are never encouraged to invest in their books or portfolios and prefer to present images of dubious quality, for fear of failing and wasting their money.

The fear is much stronger than her dream, I think.

But precisely the ability to take risks is one of the elements that makes the difference between successful models or actresses and those who stay halfway, cursing that this does not work.

When we decide to start a professional career, there is a high probability of failure, even the great models and actresses of global success have been framed by great failures.

As a professional you cannot give up on the first fall.

You must have enough determination and character to stand up and try one more time with more enthusiasm and conviction than before.

I want to share, what as a professional fashion photographer, a list of 5 questions that every model or actress who starts and fails should ask themselves.

1. What can I learn from this?

To begin, you must take responsibility for the situation.

The failure of your personal brand may not be your fault alone, but it is not worth blaming others, or the agency you are in, or the system, or the industry.

Successful models / actresses are characterized by facing events responsibly instead of looking to blame.

Take the experience of failure as an opportunity to learn, better, grow and invest.

Approach failure in a critical and objective way. Make a list with the photographs and key elements that differentiate you from the rest of the models or actresses and analyze each point in detail.

2. What could you have done differently?

It is evident that if your personal brand has failed it is because you did something wrong, then you asked what other options did you have? What decisions would you change? How else would you do things?

It is true that you cannot go back in time and change things, but reflecting on your mistakes and investments (both time and money) will be very valuable so that in your next casting attempt you do not make the same mistakes.

"Life is such a good teacher that if you don't learn the lesson, it will repeat it over and over again ..."

3. Should you learn or improve?

To achieve success in the world of fashion or entertainment, it is not enough to have talent and appearance, it is also very important that a model or actress has certain skills and abilities to carry out their mission.

One of the most common causes that I see in models and actresses when I direct a casting is precisely the lack of professional images on the part of the candidate.

Reflect on what type of photography is the one that sells you, and if it is good enough to bet your future work on it.

Identify those parts of your book in which investment and improvement are needed, and draw up a short-term plan for renovation, replacement either for the pose, for the light, etc.

"It is all very well to celebrate success, but it is more important to pay attention to the lessons of failure" (Bill Gates)

4. Who can you learn from?

A common mistake is to see failure as a reason for shame and weakness, but there is nothing further from the truth.

Part of assuming a model's failure is having enough character to learn from it and being willing to listen to advice from a professional fashion photographer who dedicates all her time to her job. And get feedback from their sessions.

In the previous point I talked about identifying those images in your book that you need to improve or replace, and a good way to improve is by investing.

A fashion photographer can give you very valuable advice on the sector, as they have a mentality and a global vision of the environment and the industry that many others do not have.

This way you will avoid receiving advice from negative and frustrated people because you will only get messages of discouragement and frustration.

There is nothing wrong with investing a little money in yourself and for your book with specialized professionals in the sector, on the contrary, it is a fantastic opportunity to learn valuable lessons that no school or agency would teach you.

5. What will you do from now on?

And, finally, the most important question is what are you going to do?

That you have failed does not mean that you should give up your goal of becoming a model or an actress.

Failure is just the starting point for new castings or new ideas.

Maybe you are good, but your images are not, remember my saying: «A beautiful photo does not have to be useful»

Review your images, your goals and strategies to start a new adventure.

"Failure is the opportunity to start over with more intelligence" (Henry Ford)

If since you finished the modeling or actress course at school or agency, you have done nothing but collaborations, thus wasting money (or your parents') and your time, do not see it as a waste but as an investment where you gained experience and knowledge.

When you try again you will no longer have to start from scratch, now you have a valuable weapon that others do not have, it is called experience, and you can be sure that it will be the most valuable resource to achieve success in your career.

Don't be afraid of investment. Understand it as something natural that is linked to all great projects. The most important thing in a model or actress are the images that represent and sell her.

That is why trusting a professional fashion or portrait photographer is key to any professional career.

And please never lose your enthusiasm or passion for this world, not even now that times are very difficult.

"Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm" (Winston Chruchill)

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