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How to learn positivity when you are starting out as a model or actress

Hope is an attitude and a human skill that can be learned and trained. A fashion photographer who follows the advice of three psychologists tells you to be more positive and optimistic.

It is never too late to be a more optimistic and positive model or actress.

It is never too late to learn and train hope.

It is never too late to live better and be happy in the world of fashion or entertainment.

Resigning yourself and excusing yourself in the "I am like this, I can't change" is no good. Less when I refer to possibility and hope. And more when fashion photographers, models and actresses we wear it as standard.

It is established in childhood, as children we all have hope, and we give it shape in adolescence and adulthood. That is why when a model or actress is starting she tends to negativity and hopelessness.

«If we have a positive attitude towards professional life and the problems in it, and more currently, we can find our physical and mental health will be better than if we see everything under the influence of black glasses of negativism and defeatism. A person with optimism and possibility is capable of finding more solutions and alternatives to the same problem,… «

Explains the psychologist Balnca Tejero Claver, researcher of the cyberpsychology group of UNIR.

Because the sequence is simple. By being a positive person, more achievements are achieved and greater self-esteem is generated at the same time that stress is reduced.

Science has confirmed that it is possible to learn to think positive. But we have to do our part.

«Yes, you can learn to be positive, but you have to make an effort and be constant to achieve it. Change is costly because our mind is used to thinking and looking in a certain way totally different from what is desired. We decide what attitude we want to have in any professional situation »

Blanca Tejero underlines.

As explained by the psychologist José Elías, a pioneer in Spain in disseminating and applying risotherapy therapies, there are two types of optimists: The negligent (who think well but do not act) and the intelligent (who are more productive and also feel driven to act to achieve your wishes).

Alba Valle, an expert psychologist in mindfulness, defines a list of things we can do to be more positive in professions as a fashion photographer, model, actress or actor.

Thinking that destiny is not written. You can change being productive people and that is precisely the hope. "It consists of being convinced that there are solutions and that you will get them, it is hoping that the negative situations that may be happening will change."
Set most short-term career goals even if we keep some long-term goals in mind. In this way, with these simple goals, small objectives will be met and the hope of professional achievement will increase.
Replace the word "problem" with "steps to success" or "projects to be carried out." And it is that: «A life of success is full of failures overcome. We must learn to realize that failures are stepping stones to success »
To be a reference of hope for ours. «As in any attitude, hope is greatly influenced by the models we have seen in our childhood. Are your parents or close friends a person who has hope, trusts and seeks opportunities and teachings in the things that happen, or is it the opposite? a person who shrinks in situations and gets caught up in insecurity, fear or blockage. " Because these psychological aspects are within the attitude of hope that we learn and with which we are approaching life.
It does not live in the past. "It is important to live in the present with a projection of the future"
Thinking that the future will be better than the past or the present itself, especially in these difficult times that we are going through
Put the focus on what we can do. There are events that are beyond our control, so analyze which part of the objectives set depends on us to be able to apply internal control because it reminds us that "we are an active part of what happens to us in life"
When we have a goal, let us draw a treasure map so that we do not deviate from the path, but always knowing that there will be obstacles and that perseverance and effort will be fundamental.
Design and analyze different solutions always because there may be several ways to achieve the same goal.
Convey hope to others. «When we treat others from this attitude and help them to have it, we contribute to making the situation benefit everyone ... In this way, growth is done together, improving the environment, relationships. … »
Make decisions based on love and not fear. «Cultivating hope, trust, fulfillment and compassion leads us to make decisions from love and that generates an attitude in life in which we feel better, we take care of ourselves, we have more health and we make decisions that contribute to our living in connection with ourselves »
Practice meditation. "It is a way of training our mind to activate the brain circuits associated with hope, compassion and fulfillment"
Remember that these are atypical times to dedicate ourselves to the world of fashion, cinema or television, although they are strong industries, but remember that we are not yet, that is why I invite you to be very careful, to meditate before acting and why no, to invest in you and your personal brand without belittling anyone.

The beginnings are difficult, for everyone, so I encourage you to be more optimistic, to enjoy and learn, and above all to let yourself be carried away by situations and grow little by little.
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