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Seven Basic Rules of a Fashion Photographer, to wear black jeans in your shoot

When you study to be a fashion photographer you discover one of the directors whose works are most recognizable by the visual relationship that exists between them and he is Wes Anderson.

His implementation of color, use of shots, construction of dialogues… Everything seems to be a repetition or a constant reference from the now classic "Rushmore", to his best work to date "The Grand Budapest Hotel".

Anderson is the only creator who uses a similar resource, well Quentin Tarantino works along the same lines, but in the rest of the world every artist has a moment where his work leads to a much larger work.

And it's impossible to ignore these kinds of elements even in the fashion photography scene.

The following rules are necessary for those models and actresses who want to wear black jeans appropriately as a basic in their photo book or professional portfolio that they will present to agencies and casting directors.

Following them is essential for an intimate, personal and creative result when it comes to adding more value and differentiating yourself.

1. Remember black goes with everything
An essential rule is never to make jeans visually feel like a fixed garment, as if they were a cartoon character with the same pants all the time from your images in your photo book.

If not follow at the bottom that phrase that "black goes with everything" because it is short and will help us thousands of times when choosing certain outfits when taking a photo session for pleasure or to renew part of your book.

Taking full advantage of your wardrobe is accessing a base where all the clothes you already have will create something new with that black jeans.

2. Experimentation is the main thing
It is inevitable for any fashion photographer to experiment in photo sessions, so when we have any other predominant color garment (old-fashioned, men's shirts, etc.) we can achieve a perfect integration and build a good outfit for the session.

Your black jeans will appreciate that lack of power within the chosen outfit.

3. Integrate a leather jacket
The leather jacket has become an essential garment in thousands of photographs, due to its "liberating" and "rebellious" condition that was previously used only by men.

Altering this look with heels, or boots so as not to be pigeonholed into a single style and combining it with sweaters and blouses will keep a casual style but more "hard" than traditional.

And they will define your character when they see those photographs.

4. Consider the importance of bitong
If your image is not perceived as essential, then you should highlight the relevance of the two-tone in the different opportunities in combinations with your black pants.

White blouses, sweaters, jackets and shoes will be necessary to create a clean and elegant look.

You must bet on variations that can create different contrasts with other shades of gray or white and bet on more predominant colors should not worry you, because black reduces visual tonality due to its "absorbent" condition.

5. Not because they are cowboys means that you are to inform when it comes to work
Jeans are perceived as a casual garment and that idea has to get out of our mind.

Revolutions take small steps and the different cuts of jeans in conjunction with outfits that exploit the idea of ​​the same color, create a distinguished feeling, and provide a calm but not necessarily casual look.

By not attracting attention in your photographs in your book, you will create a serious and sophisticated spirit, even though you wear basic clothes.

Something to keep in mind for casting directors and agencies who are constantly looking for profiles.

6. You do not always have to wear a specific type of footwear
Ankle boots, sneakers, heels or boots.

Almost every shoe goes perfectly with black jeans and could define the rest of the outfit.

You have to bear in mind that your body is like a canvas, but at the same time part of a whole, and you must create the attention around you, when they see your book, with professional images from a fashion photographer specialized in the sector.

You will get something fresh and different from the other models and actresses that you can achieve with a little imagination.

7. Accessories are the best help, but use them with care
Having a book with a great variety of garments can help us to have different resources covered in case they require it.

Wearing black jeans in many of these images can benefit you, but accessories will be the best companions to create more confinements and define images as casual, elegant, sporty, night and so on.

Watches, necklaces, bags and glasses are essential to have impressive images.

But be careful when using them, although they are a complete ideal to complete your book, remember that here the important thing is that the images sell to you. So abusing this style of editorial photography in your book can be very dangerous.

Remember that a casting director or an agency Booker wants to get to know you visually in the best and most natural way that your fashion photographer has been able to portray you.

That is, the important thing is you, and outfit creations based on black jeans reveal your personality and creativity to express yourself on another professional level.

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