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The importance of eyebrows and how to bring them perfect to your portrait session

Sometimes a fashion photographer and models or actresses are not aware of how the shape of the eyebrows gives expression to a portrayed face.

When we are amazed, angry, scared, saddened or want to seduce with our portraits, the eyebrows are the first to indicate what we feel, since the power of expression that they have on our face reveals much of our interior.

Dramatic art students know this well, that is why they use them a lot in their composites when presenting their different resources.

This which seems so obvious, is sometimes neglected by many future young promises of fashion and entertainment who pass through my studio.

That is why it is time to correct the mistake and give your eyebrows the prominence they deserve on your face and in your close-ups.

Of course, like all styles, even those that have to do with the structure of the body vary with fashions.

For example, in the 20s and 30s the trend was to wax them completely, drawing them later with a single pencil stroke, during the 80s the Madonna style with thick eyebrows and combed upwards prevailed, in the 90s the trend narrowed them down.

But now a medium style has been used, which tries rather to be natural without seeking to look like a person from the caves.

It must be borne in mind that when the eyebrows are excessively thin, or not abundant in their amount of hair, that can visually age us, because unconsciously we have to associate the scarcity of hair with the number of years.

To solve this we once again have a common ally between fashion and portrait photographers and models or actresses, our best friend "makeup."

Eyebrow correction through waxing.
The eyebrows are another part of our body that does not have to be perfect by nature, but they have the great advantage that we can shape it to our liking.

Nature may have given us eyebrows that are very close together or separated, or perhaps too wide, but all these characteristics can be corrected without complications by being plucked.

There are several methods for hair removal, it is something that we can do with the classic tweezers, with wax, with thread, etc.

But, when it comes to eyebrows, portrait photographers never recommend resorting to waxing or, on the contrary, permanent pigmentation, since as I said, trends change and what today appears as beautiful and desirable, within a couple years can be completely unviable in the world of fashion.

But there are some details to take into account when it comes to shaping our eyebrows to tone the face in general:

If the eyebrows are very close to the eyes, the look looks gloomy, so it is convenient to pluck the space that separates these structures to provide luminosity.

If they are too straight the expression hardens, in these cases when removing the hair, try to create a slight arch in the middle of the eyebrow.

If they are too arched, they make us appear permanently angry or contemptuous, so it is suggested to avoid marking the arch when waxing and correcting with makeup, thus, the expression is attenuated and softened.

Eyebrows shorter than necessary, for example, will make your eyes appear smaller.
It is advisable to epilate after the shower, as the pores open and the hair softens.

It is important to remove each villi in the direction it grows, so that the hair comes out by the roots.

After waxing and before a photo session, it is recommended to apply moisturizer and gently tap with the fingertips.

Brushing the eyebrows from one side to the other, and from top to bottom, will help give it more volume when viewing your portraits.

How to have a perfect eyebrow finish.
If waxing is not enough to give the eyebrows the shape and expression we are looking for, putting on eyebrows is the ideal way to give the makeup a good finish.

With a small brush, it will be enough to comb them and apply a little gel. Otherwise, it is advisable to fill in the spaces where there is no hair with an eyebrow pencil or with a powder shadow, thus avoiding marking them too much, remember that you must look as natural as possible.

Eyebrows can be the big difference in our portraits between striking eyes and dull eyes; because this should be done appropriately before a photoshoot.

Although the choice of eyebrows depends on what is styled, the general opinion of fashion and portrait photographers is that they give an attractive shape to the eyes of the model or actress, in general terms it is admitted that to show eyebrows perfect measures must be taken for this purpose.

What should never be done with our eyebrows
Draw them with a single pencil stroke: It is totally unnatural and will give your face the appearance of a devilish doll.

You should never choose colors that are diametrically opposed to the color of your hair, you have to try to make up with colors similar to your hair.

If you have platinum or very light blonde hair, you can use a dark brown tone on your eyebrows. But it is not advisable to bleach the eyebrows to the same tone as your hair since being so light at a certain distance the face will look as if you do not have eyebrows.

Only in the case of light blondes is it accepted, professionally in the world of fashion and television, that the eyebrows should be a tone or two darker than their hair. For chestnuts or dark blondes you should try to make the eyebrows similar to your hair tone.

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