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Ten tips from a fashion photographer to hide the width of your back in a photo shoot

In my career as a fashion photographer I come across models with a complex back. I know you don't intend to be a wrestler, but sometimes genetics are fickle.

For a fashion photographer, or for a model, there is no more boring moment than doing a session with catalog photos, long and long runs of garments of different sizes that must be adjusted to the model's body.

Perhaps, the stylist or the same fashion photographer, puts a jacket over your clothes, and the sleeves are the perfect length, the neckline is ideal and even the color suits your skin.

But when you see the result of the photograph, you feel uncomfortable and you do not see yourself reflected in that photograph.

You check the garment thoroughly, you take it off and put it back on and you don't understand how the sleeves and neckline don't quite fit.

They are small discomforts but you have no idea what could be happening, and then you realize that when you see yourself in your underwear in front of the mirror, you look at your back and it looks huge.

It may not be as big as it looks to you, but for you it is much wider than any fighter or bodybuilder.

However, not everything is true, it may be that it is a little wider than average, but that does not make it a deformity that you have to feel uncomfortable about.

That is why fashion photographers who are dedicated to this 100% know visual tricks to correct in a simple way and that will make you look better in photographs.

1. It has a V-neckline to stylize the torso
These types of openings in clothing make visually anyone who sees the photograph pay attention to your back, and if by chance you are one of the models with a low waist, it will also help you.

2. Vertical Stripes
As I said in the two posts about styling for male models:

You can read the two parts from here: Part 1 and Part 2

These types of stripes help the body appear longer than normal visually, the width is reversed so that the back, waist and shoulders are reduced in size.

3. Highlight the waist
Highlighting the waist with garments that have a spring or seams in that part is ideal, even if you use a cirnturol you will create an imperial cut that will be visually appreciated.

In this article that I wrote a long time ago you can see how to enlarge or reduce your hips depending on the clothes you wear.

4. Asymmetrical dresses and skirts
If you are passionate about seeing yourself in your fashion photographs with asymmetrical dresses and skirts, it is a sublime choice, because the balance of the body will look uneven visually speaking, and it is a little posing trick that serves to balance the shape of the body.

5. baggy lusas
Combining somewhat baggy blouses or shirts with voluminous or ruffled skirts is a style that works perfectly, do not rule it out for your photo session with a fashion photographer.

Well, you will be surprised at the result and how good they feel, so much so that you will forget about your back.

6. Dark colors
We all know that black is slimmer, so if you keep your clothes within a dark color palette, especially the upper garments, you will see how the problem you think you have with your back is constantly minimized.

7. Necklaces
Wearing long, thin necklaces along with short earrings will most likely turn heads there and forget about your back.

8. Long Sleeve
Wear long or three-quarter sleeves, compared to wearing tank tops or blouses, they will hide what has you self-conscious, and you will look perfect in your portraits, if the fashion photographer has known how to get the most out of you, of course.

9. Shoulder pads
Avoid them at all costs, because they will give volume to your shoulders and therefore to your back, something that we want to avoid so as not to feel worse.

10. Bib shorts
A culotte style trousers will give more volume to the lower part of your body and will attract the eye, thus avoiding that they are fixed on the width of your back.

My great advice is to stop worrying about the width of your back, start by feeling good about yourself. If genetics gave you that broadsword, do not be ashamed and better take action on the matter.

Try to accept it, but if you prefer to hide it, it would be better to do it in the simple and not obvious way with clothes that will accommodate you and make you feel better and in trend.

But keep one thing in mind, I am one of those who if you have something you have to exploit it to the fullest, so if your back is big and beautiful, why not exploit it wearing daring dresses with a sword in the air, surely more than one follower or friend of yours will envy him and try to imitate you.

So what better time than now to indulge yourself and give you a photo shoot looking back and be the envy of everyone.
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