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Eleven tips, From a Fashion Photographer, on Quick and Easy Hairstyles

The polished ponytail, the ballerina bun, the coconut curls and the retro waves are a trend, but as a fashion photographer, I have been recommending them since I started in the profession, and I want to explain them to you in a simpler way so that you can do it yourself. herself.

Quick and easy, but pretty hairstyles. Or are they not the three wishes of every model when it comes to taking a photo session?

For a fashion photographer to make magic in your portraits, and especially when you have long hair, it is necessary that the step by step of these hairstyles is as easy as I promise. Especially when it comes to getting hairstyles that appear to be natural.

But actually, as a fashion photographer who has worked with different stylists, I have learned some tricks that will make the job easier when they propose a photoshoot.

Each type of hair, like each model, can be very different. Until now, making a blockbuster for a fashion publisher was somewhat expensive, but many times and especially for private use, you can do things yourself, it can save you a lot of time and money.

A photo session of a fashion photographer for your book or professional image should be as natural as possible, but no one prohibits making the most of your hair and playing with different styles, so that it enhances and makes you that attractive model that they want to hire.

1. Ballerina bun
Texturizing the hair with a texturizing product before picking it up "This will help you break it, how nice."
To hold the bow, it is advisable to use thin elastic bands that do not give a very strong hold in order to later be able to thin out those little hairs around the face and give it an unstructured point. For this reason, it is preferable to avoid hook rubbers as they would make this step difficult.
2. Polished pigtail
Brush a lot before picking up and do it with a wide wooden father brush (a classic)
Help yourself with some fixing and enhanced product with a polishing effect. (A recommendation that an expert gave me one day is to use organic hairspray without gas, which by chance is one of the hair products that are becoming fashionable).
3. Sixty mane
When drying your hair, it is necessary to lift the roots with a blow dryer and a round brush.
Use medium-sized tweezers (about 28 millimeters) to make the waves and not hot rollers as is often thought, wait to see the result, you will not be disappointed. The key is to mark all the waves to the same side to achieve this effect.
4. Short curls
Use a very fine barrel tweezers to achieve that marked curl result (a curling iron of about 9 millimeters would be ideal).
Open the curl with your hands and, if you want, use a product like salt water (but without leaving a rigid effect) to achieve a more broken effect.
5. Score the middle
We all know the benefits of wearing the middle part when you do a photo session with a fashion photographer, because it is able to control the cold effect, and it frames your face, and manages to hide some of your features, while balancing the volume of your hair.

6. Pigtails
I dare to paraphrase Guido Palau to talk about the benefits of pigtails. "They are subtle and they almost always work." It is an almost perfect solution for many of the photo shoots.

It is something practical, versatile, very easy to do and it solves the problem when a fashion photographer proposes a photo session.

7. Wet effect
If you have short or long hair, with a marked part or all combed back ... the Wet effect gives you sophistication for any hair, as long as the session asks you of course.

8. Fizz curls
Curly manes and frizzy hair are visually attractive, but they are usually synonymous with dehydrated hair, it is usually caused by rubbing against clothing and with the movement of the hair during the entire session. You do not have to obsess a lot, because it will be easy to edit it later in post-production.

9. Ties, ties, ties
From the Taif version that some famous women use so much, to a more street style, it is a style that is always reinvented and attracts a lot of attention.

10. Semi-picked
Any other hairstyle of always at first glance confirms hegemony and visibility, both polished and in hair is a classic that always works and that will favor you a lot.

11. Polished Bow
It is a type of bun in which nothing is left to chance. You can make it low and with a parting in the middle or not, the case is polish, polish, polish,

For a fashion photographer who is dedicated to helping models with their images, the most important thing is to make the model look the best possible in their images.

By I hope you enjoyed these tips on quick and easy hairstyles as I explained to you. Well, in the years that I have been a fashion photographer, I have learned a lot from my fellow stylists, makeup artists, organizers, ...
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