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Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing White Jeans in Your Model Photoshoots

When a fashion photographer gives you styling advice, it is because they have learned from their work with stylists and designers throughout their career, that no matter how short it may be, always try not to look horrible in your attempt to be a model or actress of Vanguard.

When we think of photos in jeans we always think of blues, blacks and other colors, but we hardly ever imagine ourselves in white. Why ?:

Well, very simple: for all the discomfort that comes from wearing a jeans of this daring and delicate color.

We may see a very attractive white jeans but if you do not know how to wear it in your photographs, you will feel very frustrated when you see the result of the session.

So today I want to share some mistakes that I have learned during my career as a fashion photographer photographing people with this garment that you should avoid.

Extreme quality of the garment
That is to say: buy or wear a very thin or very thick fabric jeans.

You should seek the balance of white jeans: neither too thin to make something transparent, nor too thick to avoid looking stiff.

Wrong Size
Either too big or too tight. Folds and blemishes are much more evident in white jeans.

And I don't think you want that in your photo session for your book or portfolio.

Combine them with the dark top
If you want your legs to spread out, avoid wearing a black shirt or tee in conjunction with your white jeans.

Believe me when I tell you that when it comes to fashion photography and people, the key is that the images sell to you.

Wear white shoes
You can treat them with high shoes to give the appearance of being taller, but be careful not to see yourself disproportionate or too childish.

Well, the so much white color will visually make your legs look longer due to the continuity of the white color.

Use Legia
If you plan to wear a white jean that you had around the house, or if you want to keep it radiant, you can make a serious mistake.

If it is not washed properly, you will only be able to wear the white color of the garment itself.

Wear white all the time
It is fine for one or two photos in your book, they will make you look elegant and sophisticated, but using it in most of your photos is both absurd and boring.

Remember that the richness and differences in your photo book opens up more possibilities for different jobs.

Combine them with bright colors
It is a very bad idea, a fashion photographer tells you that he spends all his time photographing clothes, it is much better to use it with metallic or neutral colors.

Trust me, you won't be disappointed with the results of the session.

Obsessing over your cleanliness
If you use white in your sessions, you must accept that at some point they will get dirty.

And if you want to use them for another session, you must pay more care in their care, but you do not have to obsess.

As if after a session with a fashion photographer you use them to go out and they get stained with wine, food or the same friction with another garment.

It is normal, but think that they have already fulfilled their function of having photographs with white jeans in your book.

Something different from the rest of your competition.

White Underwear
This very few fashion photographers and models know, and it is a serious mistake to wear white underwear with white jeans.

Because you will only highlight your own underwear more.

For something there are cloud colors in lingerie.

Although wearing white jeans seems a priori headache for a photoshoot with a fashion photographer

Having a photo in your book will make you look better and improve your self-esteem.

Of course, try to show them off correctly with the advice I have given you.

In a matter of photographic books for models and actresses, there are no canons that say strictly how they have to be, but what they do exist are common tastes in production companies and agencies that can give you an idea of ​​what is going to be used to sell and what not.

For example, dominating outdoor photographs is never a good idea, as are editorial photographs, as they show passivity and disregard for your profession.

Remember what I always say, a beautiful photo does not have to be useful for a model, actress or actor.

And you have to know how to differentiate between "brand content" photographs for your social networks and book photographs to present yourself to castings and paid jobs.
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