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Shotting of Vanesa Liz, Silvia Gomez and Megara Venizelos in the center of Madrid

Sitting up cooking

 Vanesa Liz, in this set I represent that women are sensual, beautiful and put passion in any task and time of day, even in the kitchen. In this room, juice was made with the elements it had, as well as food products, with which it will get all its potential and passion. With kitchen props, apron ...

Shoting in Penthouse in the center of Madrid near the Tribunal Metro

The shoting took place over four hours. Three individual sets were made simultaneously, with the three models, the photographers were rotated with the models. In the cases of natural light, several photographers shot at the same time, although there was a main photographer at that time who was respected by the rest of the colleagues. Two or three more sets were made: one where there were two models together and another just another model and another one with all three together. The estimated time for each photographer on each set was between five and seven minutes. Event organized by the photographers Javier and Kako Arroyo who provided technical support and continuous light equipment. 
From fragility to sensitivity to reflection

 Megara Venizelos (@spartan___girl) posed in this set, she did it in an area of ​​the apartment with a wide field where she played with the reflection of the windows, with props and a tulle skirt, simulating a doll. It will develop both the sweetness, the fragility, the shyness, but also the beauty, sensuality and passion of a woman before her own reflection.

Eroticism and true elegance of the Boudoir

Silvia Gomez (@siildivina) posed on this set, in the bedroom, recreating what the word BOUDOIR really means (French origin, the term that means "dressing table", that room where women dressed and dusted themselves). I play with all the possibilities of the room to show that intimacy of a woman when dressing - undressing, preening, liking, pampering herself, etc. Counting on appropriate props and costumes such as lace lingerie, transparent robes, garter stockings, high heels, jewelry, etc.
Shotting of Vanesa Liz, Silvia Gomez and Megara Venizelos in the center of Madrid Revisado por elcidop en 00:35 Clasificación: 5

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