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Tips from a fashion photographer to make your model makeup look natural

For many agencies and casting directors "less is more", they want to receive natural photographs, without filters or retouching, I know because I work with them as a fashion photographer.

But what happens when we apply a little makeup base, and touch up imperfections a bit, since we provide luminosity.

But all this without being noticed excessively, everything has to be done in a subtle way.

That is why achieving a second skin effect with a foundation or foundation is usually a priority objective, which is not always easy to achieve.

However, it is a matter of practicing a few tricks:

Never do without hydration
Although to achieve an invisible effect it is not a bad idea to mix your moisturizer with the makeup base, because you have to give it importance that the treatment deserves.

Therefore, if you decide to carry out this trick of mixing both products, you must first treat the skin with only the cream that you use regularly.

Use primer and do this
If you want a hyper-light result so that it is barely noticeable that you are wearing makeup, you should not do without the use of a primer or primer. However, it is a product with an oily texture.

But you can also use the trick of mixing it this time with your own base mixture and the result will be juicier and lighter.

Better to apply it with your fingers, with a brush or with a sponge?
This is a matter of taste.

Applying the mixture with your fingers allows you to modulate the intensity and control the amount of the product to apply.

What you have to keep in mind is that only by using a very small amount of product and working it with the tool of your choice will you be able to sin a veil over your skin.

The brush should touch the skin
If you have decided on this tool, when extending the base with the brush you should try to carry out experiences movements, moving the brush quickly and lightly, almost without touching the skin.

Here's the thing.

To make the foundation look natural, the brush should barely touch the skin, just brush against it to cover just what you need.

It is not necessary to cover the entire face. Focusing on the most necessary areas will help you to maintain a real appearance of the skin when you have a photo session and you do not have a makeup artist.

As advice from the years that I have been working as a fashion photographer with different professional makeup artists, I will tell you to start from the center of the face and continue towards the outside.

Apply foundation only where you need to
One of the best tricks to make it look like a second skin is to use the foundation only in those areas where it is needed, for example in the area of ​​the cheeks, chin, nostrils and even dark circles.

And leave the forehead and sides free (as long as you don't need it). This will help you strike a balance to look more natural in your portraits.

And after that?
Steam your face with thermal water or with a makeup fixer so that the base settles better and melts with your skin.

Do I need compact powders?
Yes, but if you apply them like this:

You can apply compact powders that seem contradictory if the goal is to make you look like you are not wearing makeup, but they are actually useful to seal and reduce shine in certain areas of your face.

If you decide to do it, as a fashion photographer and lighting expert, I recommend using a not very compact brush that will help you to give the necessary amount and not overload the skin.

What else do I need?
The nasolabial fold and the area around the mouth is often one of those great ones forgotten in the skin treatment routine, when you self-dress for a photo session with a fashion photographer.

They are those areas that we neglect when applying the cream, we do not pay them the attention they deserve but then the result of the photographs is not as expected.

Keep in mind that it is one of the parts of the face in which fashion photographers, casting directors, and agency brokers see the first signs of skin aging reflected.

In beauty it is called the dreaded barcode effect, because it refers to those small lines that appear on the upper lip.

A facial massage instantly stimulates blood circulation and smooths wrinkles in the nasolabial fold by lifting the orbicularis oculi muscles around the mouth.

You will notice that, together with the moisturizer, the fine lines are visibly reduced and your face will look rested throughout the photo session.

Begin by gently pinching the skin with both hands as you move across the lower area of ​​the face.

After this, massage the center of the chin outwards, making a semicircle that reaches the nose.

As a third step, simulate that you tickle from the center to the outside and stretch the skin to finish this simple massage that will avoid the wrinkles that form between the mouth and the nose.

Ready, it is just a minute you can improve the appearance of your skin for your photo session with a fashion photographer, for your book, editorial, or brand content session for your social networks.
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