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What to study, if you don't want to be a model but you want to belong to the fashion industry

If you love fashion and want to be in it, there are professions that can help you to be in it, such as being a fashion photographer.

If you would not like to be a designer, nor would you like to be a model, calm down because there is a world of professions around the fashion sector that may interest you.

To work in the fashion industry, you don't need to submit to the exclusive sacrifices of these two professions, nor do you need to sell your soul as many say.

You just have to choose your job and profession well because there are many options, discover them and all your followers will want to be like you.

Writing, letters, journalism or communication
The work of an editor is very important, since everything you see published in magazines, digital media and other platforms dedicated and exclusive to fashion go through their decision.

They choose which line the publication should follow and what kind of language should be used.

Yes, the most important editor in the world is Anna Wintour and thanks to her the job of editor is much more sought after.

Visual Merchandising
This is extremely important when planning a clothing store or brand, as the first impression is paramount.

Therefore, the way it is organized is the core of everything.

This career or profession mixes some other disciplines such as psychology, proxemia, and architecture, in addition to graphic design and architecture or interior photography.

A stylist is not just about cutting hair, as many people believe.

They are in charge of creating a perfect harmony between the wardrobe, hairstyle, makeup and model.

It is thanks to them that a person can show a different face each time, since they are in charge of arranging using the personality, trends and cultural events of the moment.

Image design
It does not only refer to styling, but to an editorial publication or a store. This profession is aimed at those whose critical gaze must be functional to create a corporate identity.

In addition, it involves notions of advertising, communication, anthropology and even pedagogy. It is a very complete profession that can be applied to various areas of the industry.

It is one of the most important branches of Fashion, in addition to my passion.

Being a fashion photographer means dedicating yourself, not only to capturing models in front of a plain background showing some garment.

It is such a large area and much more complete, since you need a good eye and creative notions with a more commercial than social objective.

Remember that the image, almost always, is everything.

And for a fashion photographer to be up-to-date in terms of trends and tastes is an obligation, so it is a hard profession and in constant learning, because what was done last year, this year no longer.

Personal shopper
Yes, it is about buying professionally. But it is not enough to know what is in trend and what the fashion icons will wear this season or the next.

Nor is it enough to love shopping or know what is in fashion.

In this profession notions of marketing, psychology and coaching come together. You even need to know what the stores are selling.

Product Manager
In short, this is one of the most important professions, since they are in charge of coordinating market studies, and creating marketing strategies.

Through them, we know what people like and how they use it. Local and national trends are in your hands basically.

Business management
It is about making agreements, getting sponsors and getting a brand or company to position itself in the market.

They, the managers, lead the direction of a publisher or a clothing line with a very well-established heart of content, so that it becomes an authority on the subject.

As you can see, it is not necessary to be only a designer or professional model to dedicate yourself to the fashion industry; There are other paths, like the one I chose, with which you can follow if you like the sector.

Because of people's ignorance, it turns out to be much more complete and complex than people think.

Unfortunately, many people believe that these are banal professions and that you can only be in business with certain trades, but this is not the case.

As a fashion photographer, I live exclusively from my images, workshops, and talks within this industry.

Fashion is made up of a convergence of diverse professions, which you can belong to if you try hard enough to stand out and prove yourself.

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