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Eight tips from a fashion photographer to perfect your look in your photos

Have you ever wondered how a professional fashion photographer makes you look more than perfect, fresh, sensual, and radiant in each of the photos they can take of you?

Many think that it is a matter of trial and error, or that it is because of being in front of the mobile for a while to discover some of the most exclusive secrets that fashion photographers keep.

But stay calm, because next I will leave you the most useful confessions so that your next session will be impressive with an appearance so incredibly that you had not even thought about yourself.

1 Gel Insoles
One of the garments that some models or actresses have the most terror are the painful but glamorous heels, which are the perfect tool to give a 360 degree turn to any of our outfits.

A practical advice from a fashion photographer to solve this fearsome torture that you undergo when the session or production lasts more than three hours, and you are on two needles that bend your feet in an unnatural way is to use gel insoles or pads so that the plant your foot is not the one that takes all the brutal weight.

They are a type of gel-filled cushions that are placed inside the shoes increasing the support and general performance of your feet, thus alleviating a little the pain that they can cause, but especially the swelling or erosion of your soles.

Believe me what I tell you, that this simple gesture, your back and knees will appreciate it, in addition to looking like a top model when you walk or pose without pain for a long day, and you will avoid long-term physical damage.

2 Invisible Shapewear
If they do, why not you? Try the next time you have a session with your favorite fashion or portrait photographer, use this type of elastic under your look.

They are usually intelligently manufactured with flat seams, invisible snaps, strategic colors and moldable materials that make them practically unfailing when it comes to a photo shoot.

There are many types of girdles that you can use according to what you are looking for, for example, a control girdle that reduces the abdomen, one that enhances but does not oppress your bust, or simply one that subtly shapes and defines the silhouette of your body.

3 Bras for cleavage
It is true that a high percentage of famous models and actresses have undergone plastic surgery to lift a little there or stretch a little here, however, there are also other "tools" that hide all those defects that women hate so much.

This trick of a professional fashion or portrait photographer is to be used during a photo session, such as for an event or any normal work day, particularly, but especially when you wear dresses or blouses with a pronounced neckline in the front.

The famous and complicated V-neckline is the protagonist of countless accidents when doing photo shoots, but what can you do so that it doesn't happen to you?

Get a special bra for necklines, they come in different sizes and colors to be able to wear it with what you need, its main function is to push the bust in and up to give it shape while holding it from the sides.

This way you will avoid spending the whole session praying to God that you have to be with immobile poses for the duration of the session.

4 Antiperspirant patches
It is not enough with the pain and / or discomfort that sometimes causes you to do a fashion session, that on top of that you have to stop thinking about the possibility of staining your clothes with some mark of sweat caused by nerves.

But the result of that attempt only makes you sweat twice as much, as it makes your brain feel even more restless knowing that we could do an entire session with a fashion photographer with a huge and nasty spot under his forearm.

Fortunately someone invented an antidote for this, or rather, a small patch that protects clothes from stains, moisture and odor caused by sweat.

All models or actresses are exposed to dozens of flashes, studio lights and illuminated stages would make them give themselves away in minutes if not for these incredible protectors.

In addition to being comfortable, no one will notice that you are wearing them, all you have to do is adhere them to the fabric to prevent sweat from penetrating the fabric and embarrassingly color that part of the outfit.

5 Fixing Spray
One of the infallible when it comes to looking perfect is the spray or fixative that models or actresses use as an instant lifting before going out into the eye of the hurricane.

It seems incredible, but believe me what I tell you, that their thighs and everything else wobble when walking or posing in front of the camera.

But there is a little trick that very few fashion and portrait photographers know, quick, simple and inexpensive that you can apply five seconds before going out to shine.

Get the dress or skirt up in two seconds, and in another three seconds apply one or two layers of spray on your hips, on the bottom and the upper part of your legs.

Just as the fixative makes your hair retain its shape and does not move, it will do the same with any other part you spray, or at least it will give you the effect of having spent an hour a day in the gym.

Since it will make your clothes stick subtly to the breeze that the spray left on your skin, giving a firmer appearance to your body.

6 Professional makeup
Tutorials, Tutorials and more totorales are what we see in pages and videos where they explain to us over and over again how to put on makeup just like our famous favorites.

The only problem with that is that you may not be doing it with the right products, since it is not the same to pass a little powder on your face as it is to contour not only the face but even the abdomen with makeup.

And this is how it is done when a fashion or portrait photographer works on a large blockbuster or campaign, stylists and makeup artists use connectors of all colors, and literally draw the silhouette and structure they want.

To achieve these finishes you do not have to take any makeup master, but read the specifications of the products you buy well, for example if you are going to buy a makeup base, make sure it is high coverage and long-lasting.

But if you like to use shadows in your photo shoots, do not forget to apply primer before applying the color, or if you prefer to highlight the lips with a good shade of red, apply a special powder makeup to fix it on your lips.

Obviously, these types of products are not ideal for a test session for your book or portfolio, where a natural and relaxed look has to predominate, this is for those who like to have and complete it with a more striking session, or to look perfect in your selfies.

My advice as a professional photographer who is dedicated to making books, is that you invest more in bases and less in colors and shadows, since in the long run they will not serve you in your professional career.

7 Rice powders
The question that many models and actresses ask me is how to look good without any shine on your face.

Well, there are some magic powders that are quite underestimated that some products have included in their preparation, rice powders are an element of beauty that in addition to being natural, they are super-restrictive and absorbent for the natural fat of the face.

The best thing about this product is that it does not make up your face again, the only thing there is to clean and kill the shine of your skin, drying it and giving it a matte appearance that will last the entire session.

From what I know, these chicks come in two presentations, one as loose powder that you can apply with a brush or sponge and another in some wonderful little pieces of paper that you only have to pass over the face once and will magnify any sparkle that could ruin a session. with a fashion photographer.

8 Bombshell bra
This is one of my favorites for professional photo shoots, because without a doubt it is one of the real problems that most affect women who trust me for their portraits.

Especially because it is the reason that destroys the most self-esteem and reduces your confidence in yourself.

This type of bra, good to revolutionize the world, being an option 10 times cheaper than cosmetic surgery. Well, increase the actual size of your breasts by two sizes.

That is why it became the favorite of many teenagers on the most watched reality shows in the world, the structure of this bra, exclusive to a very famous brand, is perfect for lifting the breasts, giving them volume and contouring them so that they appear to have grown. the double.

Believe me when I tell you that when you do a photo session with a fashion or portrait photographer you can use it without fear, because thanks to its characteristics they make it one of my favorites at a professional level, because it gives you what you thought was impossible, and It is a trick to have a perfect cleavage.

I do not want to roll more, let me tell you that everything that you go in front of the mirror is perfect, you are perfect, all you need are certain tricks so that you believe it.

And to trust a real professional fashion photographer, because looking good is synonymous with feeling good, and if for that you need to apply the same tricks as the great celebrities, why not?
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