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Five tips for not looking desperate when you go to a fashion casting as a model or actress

In my years as a fashion photographer and director of some castings for different clients and brands, I can assure you that the most important thing is the strategic images for a model, actor or actress.

As a child, every time I watched my father watch a boxing match on television, I wondered what the coaches told their pupils after each round.

Regardless of whether they were winning or how many punches they had received, the boxers always seemed puzzled on the bench.

What message did they receive and how could they process it under these conditions?

Years later I understood that that discipline was based on strategy, although this was difficult to perceive through the screen, and I had to realize for myself in a real combat in my town that I had to cover not as a fashion photographer but as a photojournalist.

Yes, those of you who know me in person will know that before I was almost 18 years covering news of all kinds all over the world.

I noticed that the coaches raised the motivation during the breaks between rounds and rounds, the technical corner notified the boxer which are the weaknesses of his opponent that he must exploit.

In the field of catinga and agency interviews it is not very different from a battle on the ring. Although there is an exchange of attack and defense techniques that test the physical and especially mental resistance of the model, actor or actress who is presented.

Keeping your guard up is not enough. It is necessary to hide the soft areas and, both in a casting and in an agency interview, there is no worse weakness than showing desperation to get the position.

How long you haven't got a job, as a fashion photographer and casting director, I will tell you that it is not relevant, since the person you are trying to convince that you are their best option must know your anxiety.

Hiding it and getting back on the road to success is the first step to landing that position or role. That's why professional fashion photographer and casting director for advertising I want to show you the five signs that instantly reveal your desperation to get that position that you crave so much.

1. Know when to stop
In the game of an interview, whether to enter an agency or for a casting, your mind can be a fatal enemy to the point of making you believe that you are going to achieve your mission. And I say this because on many occasions he is right.

There are cases in which persistence with some people becomes the key to success, but you have to learn to identify when a "no" is forceful and definitive.

If you are in front of your interviewer, just read his body language, as he will have no qualms about showing it by conveying that he wants to block any communication path. At that moment the ideal is to turn around and go back the way you came.

Although the odds all seem unfavorable, the simple act of not pushing a casting director or fashion photographer can be enough to pique your curiosity.

2. Know how to shut up
During your first meeting with a professional fashion photographer or casting director, a dialogue with the candidate often ensues, and emotion can backfire in many cases.

Especially if there is a mark of failure and demotivation of the last attempts of jobs or positions to which you have applied. Since the interviewee tends to get carried away by the lucky moment and talk about more.

Establishing a conversation riddled with unnecessary presumptions, as well as a notable egocentricity is a way of saying to any director or fashion photographer "hello, I'm desperate for the position."

3. Know how to celebrate
Let's imagine that luck has hit a tube and the streak of jobs or roles changes. In your first meeting with the next casting director or fashion photographer, a very serious mistake would be to take advantage of the momentum of your career and set your sights on another objective in that same place.

The risk of getting your first job or role is high, since you will believe yourself unstoppable, but it is advisable to undertake a heroic withdrawal or simply enjoy the moment under the best possible behavior. Because a rejection will cause you again that anxiety that I was talking about before.

4. Know how to live in the here and now
Another unforgivable mistake is evoking the future of your professional career ahead of time. In fact, there is never an ideal time to do it. The best time is now.

Plans and expectations are highly personal information that is only shared with those who have earned the trust they need to know it.

Thinking about leading roles, big brand campaigns or participation in big catwalks is just as fanciful as the false promises of many agencies.

It is better to wait until your professional career is worth asking the necessary questions and you limit yourself to answering them, that is, give the initiative to inertia. Networking and relating is better than getting frustrated.

5. Know how to behave on the internet
We live in the era of social networks and what you show there is a determining factor for a fashion photographer or a casting director, that is why profiles are often requested, although it is impossible to know with certainty if you are the ideal person for the position one hundred percent.

Anyone can get an idea of ​​what profile you fit into if they are really interested in your professional profile.

That is why it is important to take great care of social networks and more when you want to dedicate yourself at a professional level, or earn an extra. The content you upload and share is viewed and viewed by those who are interested in you.

That is why a quality and strategy in your images, managing to create and take care of a community of followers, who interact and give likes to your publications is something of vital importance today.

I recently spoke with a young woman who is studying drama and protested because, as she said: they prefer influences than professional actresses, and I work to explain to her that it is normal, that this has existed all her life, or because any magazine covered her expenses. from a wedding to a famous one in exchange for their exclusive, because they knew that with that investment they would sell more.

It's that simple, that's why I advised her to become not an influencer, but an influencer, to provide quality content and value for a fashion photographer or a casting director, so that they would notice her.
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