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Five tips to be an elegant model or actress projecting security and class

As a fashion and portrait photographer I know that elegance is inside, and my job is to capture it when it is projected in the best way even with indications.

Elegance is not only about expensive clothes, you also have to know that it depends on other factors, from the way you walk, to how you talk to the camera.

That is why it is very important to work your image from head to toe, and even your interior, so that your images project security, class and be an elegant model or actress without having to wear the latest fashion trend.

The bases of a fashion photographer on the elegance that every woman, be it a model or actress, must have to project her class are:

1 Loving each other above all
A woman who wants to be a model or actress with high self-esteem, who knows her worth and loves herself more than anyone else, is a professional who will project elegance at all times.

And it is that she always takes care of herself, feels and looks good, and with only her security when walking, posing or speaking, it will reflect her class, so this is vital in your professional career.

The most important thing is that a confident and confident model or actress knows that any clothes will fit her well, and she will not feel complexes, so she will look happy and beautiful, projecting elegance.

Contrary to what can happen when you hire a fashion photographer who is not professional, she may not know how to capture and achieve that essence in the most correct way and therefore have lost time, money and effort. That is why knowing how to choose the professional for your portraits is key to your career.

2 Be polite and have nice images
When you have an interview or speak to you through social networks, it is also vital to be polite and friendly, having a clean, distinguished vocabulary and not using vulgar words projects elegance at all times.

In addition, your image in social networks says a lot about you, and I do not mean what you teach or do, but your facial expressions, which should be relaxed and always with a smile that favors you and there is harmony in your face.

Of course, posture is also very important, and if you sit and walk upright, they will all look elegant.

When a fashion photographer, producer or organizer contacts you for a session, show, or project through whatever social network, and you are not interested in whatever, you can use some of the ideas that I explained to you in the article on : Nine strategies to say no to proposals made to you

3 Be authentic and natural
An authentic model or actress is the one who shows images in a natural way since they project security, confidence and elegance, whatever you wear, and have been taken by any fashion photographer.

So do not worry about what others think, or follow fashions that you do not want, always be yourself and remember my principle that "less is more" that is why I like to work so much on my portrait photography in the studio, so minimalism wins and enhances your class.

4 Show off accessories
Although those who know me and have hired my service as a fashion or portrait photographer for their book know that I am not in favor of accessories for these types of images because they distract the viewer from the main reason that you are.

For a brand content session for your social networks, of course I am a friend of accessories and accessories, as they will make you look elegant at all times.

And they are things that no matter what clothes you wear, if you wear accessories, be it glasses, belt, bag, whatever, you will give a touch of sophistication to your look on social networks in the style of celebrity.

5. Don't show too much
Showing too much skin on social media is synonymous with bad taste on a professional level. For example, if you wear a short skirt, your blouse should be discreet.

As a professional fashion photographer I always say that a good neckline can be your best or worst ally, it all depends on how and when you use it, and who is photographing it and their reputation.

Doing a boudoir session as a gift is a great idea, as it offers you to gain a lot of confidence as a woman and in your body, but it is still not such a good idea to show it on social networks.

That is why as a professional fashion photographer I try to help selflessly whenever I can, because for professionals in these sectors it is very difficult to achieve it, although not impossible, that is why you must take great care of your hair, skin, clothes, hands, nails, and about all dress according to your age.

An elegant model or actress always wears an outfit and makeup according to her age, and her photographs must know how to show her essence in a distinctive way that only very few know how to capture.
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