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Five tricks to show confidence with your body language in your images

Do you know what your poses say when you send your photographs to a casting or publish them on social networks? As a fashion photographer and posing director, today I want to share the strategies to project security in your portraits.

Body language should help you, not reduce your chances of success, when you go to a casting, or post a photo on your social networks.

The way you move in front of a camera, and the fashion or portrait photographer's ability to capture and guide you, is the Mara with which you impact and connect with the one on the other side.

Even when you are interviewed and recorded in a presentation video because you have already passed the first selection of a casting.

1 Eyes up and alert
The eyes show if you are really focused on your role. Remember that the erotic component of a photograph is the look. Why not take advantage of it to make the viewer fall in love?

So looking at anything other than the camera, unless it is a lifestyle session, with a fashion or portrait photographer, is the best way to feign security and avoid being restless about the photo session, or test .

Good eye contact establishes you as a professional, but do not forget to listen to the guidelines that the other person behind the camera gives you, because they know and see the result at that moment.

It is a way of appearing alert and showing a more interesting and professional profile.

2 Watch out for your arms
The upper extremities are a real headache for a fashion and portrait photographer, when I have a session, especially with beginner models, actors or actresses they always ask me the same question:

How do I put my arms?

You have to bear in mind that they can show you as a distant and arrogant person if you put them behind you when you are in front of the camera, while if you cross them in front, and especially to the chest, you will transmit a more threatening tone.

The best thing, for when you do your photo sessions, is to keep your arms open and far apart, interlocking your fingers in front of you will give a centered and comfortable appearance.

But my recommendation is that they are always doing something, the result will be much more natural, which is what a casting director seeks to see in the end.

3 Position the body straight
An old advice from all our mothers has never been more relevant than in a photoshoot with a fashion or portrait photographer.

When you stand before a camera, with your shoulders towards your feet, with your back in the shape of a C, the image that you project discomfort, and this makes you move away from people.

To be more confident, it is essential that your shoulders are at the same height as your hips, and for that, place your feet well so that your toes point towards the camera or the person you are talking to.

An old school tip is to practice in front of the mirror, even if it is the one in the bathroom, it can help you to have more confidence in yourself and how good you are as a model, actor or actress.

4 Mirror, mirror.
What is the fashion or portrait photographer doing? Imitating the pose I have in mind is something I use daily to convey what I want to achieve with the person I am photographing.

Remember that a professional fashion or portrait photographer, never, and I mean never should touch the model, that is what stylists, image consultants, etc. are for unless it is strictly necessary. And always with the utmost respect and asking permission to invade personal space.

When they are seated poses, adjusting the chair and myself at the same height helps me create a synergy between gaze and camera that very few use and that personally helps me internalize the character that I have to photograph.

5 Don't forget to smile
Although in most of the catalogs that I do as a fashion photographer, neutrality is requested since what matters is the sale of the product and not the model itself (remember that for me a model is the personal one in front of the camera , and it does not matter if she is a professional, amateur, actor or actress).

A smile is essential to calm the doubts of a casting director or the viewer of the photograph on social networks. In addition to giving you that safety signal for yourself that you are doing something useful.

Remember that in a test or brand content session the product to sell is you.

That is why good studio photographs can help you generate the confidence necessary to win over your next casting director, photographer, and impress your followers in a unique and different way.
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